Microsoft Asia Cyber Trust Experience 2016

Singapore, 7 June 2016 – People don’t use technology that they don’t trust. This is a golden rule that applies to organizations and individuals alike as we live in a mobile-first and cloud-first world.This was the focus of discussion at the Microsoft Cyber Trust Experience 2016 media event yesterday, where Microsoft announced a series of news releases around the topic:


1. Malware Infection Index 2016

  • Top three most encountered malware threats in the Asia Pacific region
  • Markets in Asia Pacific most at risk of malware threats
  • Nature of major cyberattacks in the region
  • Guidelines for organizations to defend against these cyber attackers

For more information on the above announcements, please download and read Malware Infection Index 2016.


2. EIU study : High aspirations, stark realities

  • Obstacles governments in Asia face in embracing new technology
  • Which markets in the region are most effective in the adoption of new technology
  • Most important technology trend for public and technology sector officials

For more information on the above announcements, please download and read EIU Study High Aspirations Stark Realities Giditising Goverment In South East Asia.


3. Forrester Consulting report, ‘Cloud is Critical to Digital Transformation in the Asia Pacific Financial Sector’

  • Challenges financial services institutions (FSIs) face in cloud adoption and usage
  • Influence of public cloud initiatives on implementing cloud technology

For more information on the above announcements, please visit download and read the Forrester FSI study.

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