LINE Introduces New Group Call Feature

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March 14, 2016LINE Corporation today announced the addition of a new group call feature to the latest version of the LINE app (iPhone and Android v.5.11, and Windows Desktop v.4.5), enabling users to participate in voice calls within their group or multiple person chats.

LINE was released in June 2011 as a group communications service available across multiple devices and network carriers, enabling users around the world to easily keep in touch with friends, family, and coworkers. It launched its free voice call service in October of the same year, and video calls in September 2013, all in an effort to improve the lines of communication between people.

LINE Introduces New Group Call Feature
Today, with the release of LINE 5.11 for iPhone and Android, LINE now includes support for voice calls within groups or multiple person chats. The group feature update is also supported on LINE Windows desktop version (v.4.5.)


Free Group Call

The feature offers free voice chats with up to 200 people. Calls can be initiated from within group chats or multiple person chats, and a notification message will be sent to all of the users participating in the chat. The number of people currently participating in the call can also be confirmed from within the chat. An icon is displayed above the user icon of the person currently speaking at the time, enabling users to easily communicate with each other.

The group call feature can be utilized for no charge as long as the user has the LINE app installed, allowing easy communication with a worldwide community of users. The service is perfect for catching up with friends and family, and also for use at work for important conference calls. The possibilities are endless with this tool designed to eliminate the traditional barriers to effective group communication.

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“We are constantly innovating the way our users communicate with their friends and family, and this new feature provides an additional way for our users to be closer to their friends and family. At every update we look towards refining the experience to keep up with our users’ needs and demands,” said SunHaeng Cho, the lead planner for group call.

In addition to the new group call feature, the LINE version 5.11 also has a redesigned More screen. The layout of the menu icons in the user interface has been modified for increased visibility and an even greater user experience. The new layout is available for both Android and iOS.

LINE Corporation will continue to develop new features and services and enhance existing ones in order to make it easier for users to communicate around the world.


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