iflix Seize Ctrl Hackathon Reveals Local Hacking Talents

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26 September 2016iflix, the world’s leading Internet TV service for emerging markets, offering subscribers unlimited access to thousands of TV shows, movies and more, hosted its inaugural 24-hour hackathon Seize Ctrl in conjunction with its ‘Hacked by Mr Robot’ campaign to celebrate the Season 2 Finale of its hit exclusive Emmy award winning show, Mr. Robot.


iflix Hackathon Seize Ctrl

Seize Ctrl was conceived in true Mr. Robot fashion – a hackathon designed to have coders dig deep into the iflix systems and application, and find ways to improve, create, evolve or takeover features and functionalities within the iflix service.

12 teams, consisting primarily of college students and young developers, competed in the grueling 24-hour challenge, with iflix’s engineering teams providing guidance and mentorship. Seize Ctrl allowed iflix to further cultivate innovation within the Malaysian technology ecosystem, providing a forum for talent to build features from ideation to prototypes/actual working proofs of concept, a process that typically takes months to achieve, in just 24-hours. The challenge was immense and results were astounding.

iflix Inaugural 24hrs Hackathon Seize Ctrl Showcases Malaysia

The winning team, known as the The Hackbots led by Ghis Bakour took away the top cash prize of RM5,000 for their development of “Campaigns,” a feature that allows iflix users to initiate campaigns around their content choices and wishes. Producing a working prototype in less than a day, The Hackbots programmed a feature in-app that allows users to crowdsource opinions and votes for movies and TV shows they want to watch on iflix.

This exceptional display of innovation is perfectly in line with iflix’s commitment to understanding what its members want and delivering on that demand. Second and third placed teams also took away cash prizes, while other teams received Mr. Robot merchandise and iflix subscriptions.

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CEO of iflix Malaysia, Azran Osman-Rani said, “There are so many incredibly talented people in Malaysia’s tech community and iflix is honoured to have had the opportunity to create a forum for them to explore their creativity and innovation. Seize Ctrl is a testament to our ongoing commitment to promote excellence in the Malaysian ICT industry through supporting and growing young local talent.”

Seize Ctrl was organised in conjunction with iflix’s ‘Hacked by Mr. Robot’ campaign to celebrate the two part season 2 finale of iflix’s first run exclusive and worldwide smash hit, Mr. Robot. The campaign included the ‘hacking’ and takeover of digital billboards across Klang Valley, the iflix website and mobile app, in addition to the social media accounts of a number of Malaysia’s most high profile celebrities and influencers including Sazzy Falak, Jehan Miskin, Roshan from K-town Clan, Ann Osman and many more. Mr. Robot finale episodes aired exclusively on iflix less than 24-hours after their initial U.S. broadcast, followed by the immediate availability of Seasons 1 and 2 as full box sets on iflix.


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