Flash Plus 2 Metal Case Launched

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May 18, 2016 – As an all-new smart phone with metal case designed for the high- and medium-end market, Flash Plus 2 sees product launch in market today. While retaining and upgrading the excellent photographing DNA of the Flash series, it offers an enriched experience of intelligent life for South East Asian consumers.

The new smart phone features pioneering innovative functions such as fingerprint recognition, Hi-Fi sound effect, and fast battery charging in responding to users’ concerns including user convenience, sound effect, and battery usage.

Flash Plus 2 Metal Case Launched

Meanwhile, as an Internet smartphone brand, Flash has formally announced its independence. “The independence of the Flash brand means we have entered a complete new stage of development. What remains unchanged is that we will consistently follow the mission of Flash at its birth and stay connected with the young Internet consumers who enjoy sharing and pursue quality. We will get to know their specific needs through continuous interaction to create high quality smart hardware that is fun and enjoyable, offering the users a lifestyle of seeking our true selves,” said Albert Wong, General Manager, Flash 3C Limited.

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A Craft of Quality Workmanship

In order to create better feel of texture for appearance, Flash Plus 2 adopts a metal framework for the phone that allows it to possess the unique glow and touch of metal through quality workmanship while retaining richness and aesthetics. Regarding the forge and grinding of the back of phone case, Flash Plus 2 comes through an array of complex processes, ranging from horizontal wire-drawing, high-speed side sand-blasting, ultralight rim diamond cutting, and twice anodization till at last it offers users a sense of warmth and vigor for the cold, hard metal work.

We believe fine workmanship in details is the most exquisite design of Flash Plus 2. In complying with the ethos of tending to detail, the all-new smart phone adopts diamond cutting and twice anodic oxidation technologies for the 0.4mm rim of the Home key, for the 0.15mm sound volume key, and for the 0.4mm rim of flash lamp and speaker – each bit of this contributing to the aesthetics of smart phone body.


A Device of Efficiency and Convenience

Based on study of smart phone users’ habits, Flash Plus 2 carries a frontal fingerprint recognition function that combines the dual criteria of external aesthetics and practical convenience. The fingerprint use experience allows Flash Plus 2 to be a perfect assistant of life and office efficiency, ranging from accurate fast unlocking to file encryption to one-stroke APP launch.

The fingerprint recognition of Flash Plus 2 is unique in that it not only offers 0.5s unlocking under “switch off” screen status and all-round accurate recognition, but also allows for personalized APP launch options corresponding to users’ five fingerprints. For instance, users can conveniently unlock camera App through touching the fingerprint module with their forefingers, without going through any troublesome procedure. Besides, regarding concerns with important document theft and privacy leak, Flash Plus 2 provides a function of documents protection cabinet where privacy information is stored and encrypted with fingerprint, leaving users rest assured.

Another big edge that highlights the efficiency of Flash Plus 2 is its fast charging capability that best relieve users of battery capacity concerns. In order to ensure faster charging efficiency while maintaining safety, Flash Plus 2 carries a 3,000mAh battery group and adopts TI BQ25896 fast-charging chip and 9V/1.67A fast-charging technologies provided by Texas Instruments of the United States, which can charge battery to 50% in 30 minutes for up to a 10-hour uninterrupted call. The charging efficiency is raised by 35% compared with 5V/1A phones while it takes only 2 hours for the battery to be fully charged – the time of watching a movie or finishing a meal before the power status of your phones is fully restored.


A Fun and Excitement Camera Phone

Following the ultimate pursuit of photographing function of Flash brand, Flash Plus 2 has launched comprehensive upgrading of the two aspects of photo-taking capabilities in light of fast focal adjustment and dark light shooting. The users can capture sweet moments in a faster, better fashion in the case of fleeting occasions or wonderful night scenes.

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When a flapping swallow flies past or a skateboarding boy rushing by, with one-stroke fingerprint launch of camera the wonderful snapshot becomes an eternity in your smart phone – without only 0.1s instant accurate focal adjustment through blending of PDAF automatic focus technology and contrast focus effects.

Flash Plus 2 is fully aware that light is the soul of photographing. In order to ensure high quality image effect even under dim light conditions, Flash Plus 2 carries a 13,000 pixel rear lens with the warm double-color flash lamp RealTone that copes with nighttime or dim indoor luminous intensity. It frees users of the restraints of dim light conditions to see a perfect whole world as well. The five million pixel front lens adopts LED flash lamp with CRI up to 80 while red spectrum is intelligently enhanced for selfie or video chatting conditions. With ruddy facial effect and glow, Flash Plus 2 offers an over 100% real-time facial enhancement function, allowing users to capture moments of beauty and beyond.

Also, Flash Plus provides a series of creative functions and fun, making it possible for everybody to approach photography for pleasure. For example, the 84.40 ultra broad view that it carries allows users to do a selfie during family or friends gatherings. The “Picture-in-Picture” Mode allows front and rear lenses to work simultaneously to accomplish a creative photo-in-photo experience. Besides, Flash Plus 2 has designed a Child Mode for parents to record precious moments of their kids’ childhood – with noise of sheep or car horn or kitten to catch the child’s attention as the photo is being taken.


A Wonderful Experience of Enjoying Music

Catering to young people for their music needs, Flash Plus 2 offers high-fidelity quality-retaining earphone acoustics, high sound volume effects, and MIX music production function, launching a high quality smart phone for enjoying music and related options of creativity.

For merely single-person enjoyment, Flash Plus 2 provides independent AKM4375 audio decoding chip coupled with state-of-the-art IRD sound digital filter, with value-retaining signal output measuring up to high-fidelity acoustic effects. While the speaker is being used for playing music, the NXP980 power amplification chip and built-in DSP algorithm drives speaker power to reach 3.6W – eight times greater than volume of average smart phones. The greater volume allows bicycling enthusiasts to better indulge in the vibrant music beats en route.


More Cutting-edge Features of Hardware and Software

In addition, Flash Plus 2 features high-definition screen, powerful performance, Android M system, and dual channel turbo download, among other functions. The 5.5’ FHD multiple point touchscreen adopts OGS full cohesion technology, with ultra clear scenes within reach of a finger touch. Meanwhile, it carries Miravision 2.0 FHD display that enables smart eye protection in too strong or weak luminous situations, providing a wonderful visual experience of perfect clearness and comfort.

The Helio P10 processor ensures strong performance and low energy consumption in providing smooth, free “cut back” through multitasking operation of surfing the Internet, playing games, and watching videos. As a new member of Flash brand, Flash Plus 2 continues the original Android system support while the all-new upgraded Android M operational system offers APP access control, web browsing, APP relevance, and smart energy-saving function, among others. For global Android lovers and tech geeks, it offers a streamlined, personalized user experience.


Flash Plus 2 Color Options

Flash Plus 2 comes in two color options – Luna Silver and Venus Gold, providing a high-end customized choice appealing to refined taste.


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