F-Secure Explains Security as a Service (SaaS)

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Security as a Service offers business stronger cybersecurity profiles

The age of information technology has brought with it many business advantages. In fact, much of the world today is still constantly adapting to ongoing advances and innovation. Borderless trade and digital economies thrive and offer business large and small endless potential.

Yet the benefits of digital comes along with an ugly side – cyberthreats. Once merely the domain of bored young tech gurus, cyberthreats today have grown to become one of the largest dangers to businesses. From malware to ransomware, cybercriminals cost organizations billions of dollars in damages and lost revenue globally.

Gone are the days where simple anti-virus platforms could protect business systems. Yet with rapidly evolving and increasingly advanced cyberthreats on the horizon, how many organizations can create and maintain teams of cybersecurity experts to defend their systems?


Focus on innovating for business objectives

According to Amit Nath, Head of Asia Pacific – Corporate Business at F-Secure, Fundamentally, operational business issues and in-house technical limitations face uphill challenges compounded by malware, trojans, phishing, social engineering, ransomware and more. These threats occur at almost every single layer of all business verticals.

F-Secure: Security as a Service

Even as technical departments struggle on increasingly limited budgets to innovate within the organization to support business functions, malicious hackers are spitting out variants of their harmful code on a daily basis.

“Even a few small tweaks to change a piece of malicious code needs to be recognized in order to be defended against. Chunks of code beings transferred to unknown destinations of the Internet through the dark web further escalates the problem,” said Nath.

The most frightful thought of all now is that ‘black hats’ are catering to the uninitiated and offering for sale destructive code in ready to use formats. Almost anyone who wants to cause trouble or mount advanced cyberattacks against any organization can do so; for a price.


Fight the war with Security as a Service

Knowing that cybercriminals are now offering what is essentially Cybercrime as a Service, organizations need to recognize that this is a fight they cannot win on their own.

“We are increasingly seeing that firms fail to protect themselves properly up to the extent that many don’t even realise when breaches occur. By the time they realise it, problems are often to the extent that they have no option but to outsource ‘cures’ to specialists for exorbitant fees,” said Nath.

This results in organizations paying to maintain their own technical teams, paying for outsourcing for problem clean-ups and yet still facing the potential financial and reputational damage from data loss!

“The situation is critical. So many backdoors are left poorly or totally unguarded. With increasing data privacy laws being enforced around the world the situation looks ire for many businesses,” he said.

Business today need to recognise that failing to protect themselves is no longer an option. However, they also need to realise that they don’t have to cope with these massive barriers on their own. Security companies today offers levels of protection that even malicious hackers find daunting, so the simplest solution would be to opt for Security as a Service as the most rational route of their predicaments.


How does Security as a Service work?

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“The companies that rely on themselves very often find themselves in extremely defensive positions. It likens to an infantryman in a battle, where he sits in a foxhole and has no scouting support, simply dealing with attacks that come in one after the other. Sooner or later, the enemy will get through,” said Nath.

“We have for so many years built on the security business, evolving ahead of the threats. Our business is security and we not only deal with what we see, but work ahead to predict what we cannot see. Thanks to this mindset and capability, we are able to offer unprecedented degrees of robustness and resilience to organization,” he explained.

The path towards a safer future is a tough and long one and security-aware businesses soul adopt the right level of strategic planning. Options such a Security as a Service can offer protection not only from current, but also future threats.

“As businesses work towards digital transformation goals, they need to know that they have the option to ensure painless high-levels of security at any time, thanks to Security as a Service,” he concluded.


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