Digi Family Safety App & SafeWeb4Kids Workbook Launched

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Shah Alam, 27 July 2016 – Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd today reiterated its commitment to safeguard customers’ digital life with the launch of Digi Family Safety app and #SafeWeb4Kids workbook, in line with the company’s continuous efforts to innovate and strengthen its digital products and service offerings, towards becoming customer’s favourite partner in digital life.

Digi’s Chief Marketing Officer, Loh Keh Jiat said that Digi is no stranger to online safety and has been a strong advocate through its CyberSAFE programme for many years now. “Today’s announcement is taking our cyber safety advocacy effort to a whole new level. This is the first step for Digi to take on a holistic approach to safeguard our customer’s digital life. We are making a promise of a safer mobile experience to our customers by offering end-to-end safety digital solutions together with relevant learning tools to further encourage capacity building among their children,” Loh said.

Digi Family Safety App & SafeWeb4Kids Workbook Launched


Digi Family Safety App

Simply named Digi Family Safety, the app will enable customers with easier location and parental control via a mobile device. It allows a customer to create a family account up to seven family members and protect everyone with key features such as :

  • Family Location to locate your family on your smartphone or the web in real time,
  • Geo-fencing to create safety zones for family members,
  • Notifications to give alert when family members arrive or leave the designated areas,
  • Check-ins to regularly inform others where you are,
  • Panic Alert to send an emergency alert with your location to all family phones,
  • Parental Controls to restrict phone usage to family phone numbers and control when certain apps can be used, and
  • Phone Security which allows you to find, ring, lock and wipe any family phone if lost or stolen.

“We’re hoping that our customers will take the opportunity to maximise the features provided in the app to keep their family close and connected always. We are very excited of this milestone and are looking forward to introduce more innovations soon including wearables, empowering our customers to take charge of their digital experience,” explained Loh.


SafeWeb4Kids Workbook

Digi together with Protect & Save the Children (PS the Children), its cyber safety partner also launched an online safety workbook, #safeWeb4Kids. The workbook is aimed at guiding the schoolchildren on how to make safe and responsible decisions online, in a fun way. It is available in hardcopy and also downloadable from www.digi.com.my/digicybersafe.

“PS the Children is happy to collaborate with Digi again in our effort to fight cybercrimes. We hope that the fun approach integrated in this workbook will catch the children’s interest to do the exercises and at the same time, benefit from it. Producing learning tools such as this workbook is part of our continuous efforts to further nurture children’s digital resilience and to stay safe online,” added Natasya Saufi, a board member with PS the Children.

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Digi Family Safety Availability

The Digi Family Safety app is currently downloadable from Google Play Store. The app comes with two options: Freemium, free for all to use with basic location services for up to 2 family members and Premium for Digi customers at RM5 per month.

In addition to the basic features, customers who subscribe to Premium will also get to enjoy parental control and security functions, as well as being able to invite up to seven (7) family members with up to 20 safety areas.

Currently, the premium plan is free for the first 30 days for Digi customers. The iOS version will be made available in August.


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