BIGO LIVE : Free Live-Streaming Videos On iOS & Android

BIGO LIVE is a free live-streaming video app for iOS and Android that allows mobile users to broadcast themselves and share their lives spontaneously on live video. The app was launched on March 2016 and has captured a fast-growing user base in the Southeast Asian region, particularly amongst the young. BIGO Live is now popular not only in Asia, but also in North America, Europe, Russia and Middle East.

The BIGO LIVE platform not only helps create new Internet personalities, it is also helping emerging actors and actresses engage their audience. The live broadcasting feature in BIGO LIVE is now a key tool in grooming these new talents, and helping them increase their exposure.


The Secret To BIGO LIVE’s Success

BIGO LIVE was adopted very quickly by local celebrities and personalities. Vietnamese personalities like Lilly Luta, Dang Dung and Nguyen Huu Cong have attracted 9,000 viewers in one BIGO LIVE room. Meanwhile, Thai online celebrity Onboatz (who commands an 80,000 strong following on Instagram) has also adopted BIGO LIVE.

Indonesian star Julia Perez even used BIGO LIVE to share her experience in fighting cancer. That garnered a tremendous amount of positive acclaim from her fans.

A famous American prank star, Vitaly, has once broadcasted a bullfight that he joined on Halloween. Before the bullfight took place, he had even tweeted, “If I die, at least I die live,” inviting everyone to join his BIGO Live stream to watch the exciting bullfight.

BIGO has also created a very large and healthy community in South Korea with live streamers broadcasting their interesting lives and even make-up tutorials to viewers.

And if you are wondering, BIGO stands for “Before I Get Old“. Fascinating, isn’t it?

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Where To Download BIGO Live?




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