ASUS ZenFone Zoom Stars In New David Sandberg Films

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22nd March, 2016 — ASUS today announced that the ZenFone Zoom (Amazon) is to star in a series of films created by filmmaker David Sandberg, the genius behind Kickstarter-funded film, Kung Fury.

With the ability to capture clear images like never before, the ZenFone Zoom (Amazon) is the world’s thinnest 3X optical-zoom smartphone, powered by an Intel Atom processor and offering an unprecedented ability to magnify subjects and see the world up close. David Sandberg has created five short films with his signature humor and attention to detail that show how ZenFone Zoom enables everyone to See the World Up Close.

ASUS ZenFone Zoom Stars In New David Sandberg Films

ZenFone Zoom Brilliance Meets Film-Making Genius

“Kung Fury was celebrated for its homage to the 1980s’ police and martial-arts movie classics,” explained Erik Hermanson, Head of Marketing – Mobile Products, ASUS. “It’s the attention to detail in Kung Fury that makes it such a hilarious love letter to the ‘80s. David Sandberg is celebrated worldwide for his incredible gift as a special-effects master and his story-telling capabilities — this is why he’s a great fit to share the story of the ZenFone Zoom’s incredible photographic capabilities. With these films we’re able to See the World Up Close through David Sandberg’s eyes.”

ASUS ZenFone Zoom Stars In New David Sandberg Films

Speaking of the films, Sandberg said, “When ASUS approached me to shoot five videos for ZenFone Zoom, I was excited about the zoom feature of the smartphone and the possibilities of how I could present it. ASUS gave me a blank canvas to work with — it’s rare for a client to be so open, and I really appreciate that. I am sure the end result will show how much fun we had working on this project.”

David’s iconic sense of humor and special effects mastery are evident in the films, each exploring ZenFone Zoom’s powerful optical-zoom capability. The campaign’s hero film, Round the Earth, also stars a cameo from Barbarianna (Eleni Young) of Kung Fury fame herself.


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