ASUS Announces Zoom To Wanda Contest

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23rd March, 2016 — ASUS today announced Zoom to Wanda, an intriguing interactive hunt, featuring the new ZenFone Zoom (Amazon). ZenFone Zoom marks a new era in smartphone photography with the world’s thinnest optical zoom mechanism to enable both magnification of distant subjects and close-up shooting of small objects in incredible detail.

ASUS Announces Zoom To Wanda Contest

Using this as its inspiration, the enthralling Zoom to Wanda game invites participants to travel and explore the world in detail as an investigative journalist in search of the mysterious Wanda.

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Zoom to Wanda Contest

An open invitation to explore the world and all its impressive detail
Zoom to Wanda is a passport to explore the world, presented in gorgeous gigapixel images, while chasing down a true wanderluster – Wanda. The game is based on a character named Wanda. Who is armed with an adventurous spirit, insatiable curiosity, and her ASUS ZenFone Zoom (Amazon), is travelling the world and sharing her exotic travelling and dining experiences on her blog.

Zoom to Wanda instantly turns participants into investigative journalists tasked with following critical clues to chase down Wanda as she wanders through the most charming streets and indulges in the world’s best food. Tracking her down is a visually engaging experience, involving audiences zooming in on countries, cities and impressive monuments to uncover her trail.

Gigapixel glory: Explore the world’s incredible detail in in extreme resolution
Inspired by ZenFone Zoom’s incredible 12 X-magnification capabilities, ASUS has used gigapixel-photo technology to create the Zoom to Wanda experience, immersing participants in incredible experiences in India, Italy, Japan, and beyond. ZenFone Zoom fans can explore these beautiful cities from a bird’s eye view and then zoom down to street level — all made possible by extreme-resolution imagery.

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Join in to win: 20 lucky participants will each win a ZenFone Zoom
The Zoom to Wanda contest run from March 21, 2016 until April 17, 2016 — and is open to players around the world. There is no charge for entry. Following the competition’s climax, the 20 participants with the highest scores will each be awarded a brand-new ZenFone Zoom. To take part, wanderlusters should visit today — and begin their hunt for Wanda.

Find the Instagrammers: More prizes to be won by hunting down Wanda’s Instafamous frieds
Wanda is not alone. She’s being helped by nine famous Instagrammers from Asia who are also hidden in the Zoom to Wanda game world. Some of Wanda’s Instafamous friends include: Simone Bramante (@brahimino) who joins Wanda for an adventure in Italy; Ritesh Uttamchandani (@riteshuttamchandani) who will provide audiences clues in India; and Takashi Yasui (@_tuck4), who can be found in Japan. More of Wanda’s friends can be discovered along the way too. Fans who find Wanda’s Instafamous friends will also be in the running for some great prizes, including ZenFone Zoom handsets.

About ZenFone Zoom: The world’s thinnest 3X optical-zoom smartphone
ZenFone Zoom (Amazon) is the newest addition to the ASUS ZenFone family. It is the world’s thinnest 3X optical-zoom smartphone with an innovative 10-prism lens arrangement for up to 12X total magnification. It is powered by a 64-bit Intel Atom processor with 4GB RAM, has a fantastic 13MP resolution and lightning-fast laser auto-focus — ensuring no incredible moment is missed.


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