AMD A10-7860K, A6-7470K & Athlon X4 845 APUs Launched

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February 2, 2016 – AMD officially launched three new desktop processors – the AMD A10-7860K, the AMD A6-7470K and the AMD Athlon X4 845. Let’s take a look!


AMD A10-7860K “Godavari” Desktop Processor

Based on the Godavari core, the new AMD A10-7860K offers only a slight performance boost over the Kaveri-based A10-7850K. However, the improvements in fabrication technology and binning process allowed for a more efficient processor. This dropped the A10-7860K’s TDP to just 65 W. Compare that to the A10-7850K which has a 95 W TDP.

AMD A10-7860K "Godavari" Desktop Processor Launched

The A10-7860K slides in between the two existing Kaveri-based A10-7870K and A8-7670K processors. AMD will also introduce a faster A10-7890K later in Q1, 2016.

AMD A10-7860K "Godavari" Desktop Processor Launched

Even though the A10-7860K has a TDP of 65 W, AMD will continue to include a 95 W cooler with it. It does not, however come with the new AMD Wraith cooler. It will feature the new and improved AMD 95 W quiet cooler instead.


Two New Kaveri Processors Join The Team

AMD also announced two new Kaveri-based processors – the AMD A6-7470K and the AMD Athlon X4 845. The A6-7470K is a dual-core APU with a quad-core GPU and 1 MB of L2 cache. The Athlon X4 845, on the other hand, has four cores but lacks graphics capability.

AMD A10-7860K "Godavari" Desktop Processor Launched

The A6-7470K will come with a standard 65 W cooler, while the Athlon X4 845 comes with the new and improved AMD 95 W quiet cooler.


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