Maybank FB Ads Scam : How To Recover Your Money?!

If you are one of the many Maybank (MBB) customers who got hit by the Facebook Ads scam, here is how you can recover your money!


Facebook Ads Scam Hits Many Maybank Customers!

Many Maybank customers are complaining that they are being charged for fraudulent Facebook Ads advertisement campaigns!

They discovered that their debit cards were charged for Facebook advertisements that they never approved.

Stephanie Wong : I think i am a very cautious person as I did not link my card to any platform or make purchase through any unsafe website at ALL, but it still happens to me.

I found out the money deducted from my bank acc through multiple continuous transactions yesterday, then I called Maybank customer service immediately.

They helped me to cancel the card but then the thing happened again this morning.

@ruffleseedI heard tens of millions of Ringgit were reported misappropriated through @facebook
on multiple bank over the past few weeks.

Delete your phone number from Facebook now and do not let @messenger handle your SMS.

@MyMaybank has yet to answer us re: this intrusion.

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Maybank FB Ads Scam : How To Recover Money?!

Generally, you should NEVER use a debit card because it does not offer the protection a credit card does – money is withdrawn directly from your bank account, and the bank is not legally obliged to refund any money lost through scams.

However, Hafizah Ayko who was once a victim shared her experience on how she managed to recover money, even though the scammers used her debit card to run those fake Facebook advertisements.

To help you recover any money you may have lost to Facebook Ads scammers, I translated and “improved” her instructions for you:

Disable Your Debit / Credit Card

First, you need to quickly disable your debit or credit card. You can call up the bank, or in Maybank’s case:

Step 1 : Log into your Maybank2U account.

Step 2 : Go to Cards, and select Manage My Debit Card.

Step 3 : Select Debit Card – Replace, Renew, Activate & Block.

Step 4 : Select Block Debit Card. You will need to get a replacement card from any Maybank branch later.

If you feel that the above steps are too complicated, an alternative method would be to immediately transfer your money to another bank account, if you have one.

But please DO NOT transfer your money to another person’s account. Only transfer your money to another bank account that you own.

NEVER EVER transfer your money to a third party, especially they claim to be police officers or bank officers trying to help you. That is a scam!

Police departments and banks do NOT have special bank accounts to hold and protect your money during scams. And legitimate police and bank officers are NOT authorised to receive money, and will NEVER ask you to transfer money to their bank accounts.

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Disable Facebook Ads

Next, you need to immediately disable all advertisements that the scammer has set up using your Facebook account. The longer they continue to run, the more you are being charged for them!

Step 1 : Go to your Facebook account, and select See all.

Step 2 : Select Ads Manager.

Step 3 : You should see a bunch of fraudulent advertisements running. Turn all of them off.

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Ask Facebook For Refund

After turning off the fraudulent advertisements, you need to report them, and ask Facebook for a refund.

Step 1 : Go to Ad account settings, and select Report a problem at the lower right corner.

Step 2 : Select Ad Policy or Fraud. Then select Fraudulent Activity.

Step 3 : Explain your situation the best you can, and upload any screenshots you have, and send the report.

After that, Facebook should respond that they would issue a refund for the fraudulent transactions in 3-5 business days!

Alternatively, you can submit report unauthorised or unknown charges to Facebook using this online form.

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Ask Your Bank For A Refund

You should also report the fraudulent transactions to your bank and request for a refund. This works for credit cards, but you should nevertheless give it a try even if the scammers hit your debit card.

Step 1 : Download the Maybank Dispute Form.

Step 2 : Print or directly fill in the information into the PDF form.

Step 3 : Email the form to, together with any relevant screenshots, within 20 days from the closing date of the billing period.

Again, banks are not obliged to refund fraudulent charges to debit cards, as the money is withdrawn directly from your bank account. But there is no harm trying.


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