Sunway + Jeffrey Cheah Free Books Scam Alert!

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Please note – Jeffrey Cheah and the Sunway Group are not giving away free books on stock investing, to help new investors!

Find out what’s going on, and warn your family and friends!


Sunway + Jeffrey Cheah Free Books Scam Alert!

Scammers are running Facebook advertisements that claim that Tan Sri Dr Jeffrey Cheah and/or the Sunway Group are giving away free books on stock investing, to help new investors!

Hello everyone, I am Jeffrey Cheah, Chairman and Founder of Sunway Group
Since 2023, the Malaysian stock market has been relatively sluggish🤕🤕🤕
This may be because many stock market investors do not understand stock market trading
I have been blindly following the investment, resulting in a lot of losses
I have also received many letters from investors recently:
Ask if I have improved my trading skills?
Here I recommend a few stock books to everyone!
This can effectively improve your trading skills 💖💖💖
I also prepared 2,000 stock books for everyone📖📖📖
Free gift to Malaysian stock market investors, yes, it’s free!
Please add my assistant’s wapp, she will mail you books for free👇👇👇

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Jeffrey Cheah + Sunway Free Books Scam Alert!


Sunway / Jeffrey Cheah Free Books Scam : What You Need To Know!

This Sunway / Jeffrey Cheah free book scam is being promoted heavily on Facebook in May and June 2023, so please alert your family and friend!

Fact #1 : Sunway Group Reported These Pages / Ads As Fake

The Sunway Group is aware of these fake advertisements being run by scam Facebook pages, posting this scam alert:


Please be alert of several scams using fake Facebook accounts, bearing the names “Sunway Investment” and “Sunway Global Investment”, claiming to be affiliated with Sunway entities.

These Facebook accounts have NO association with Sunway Group nor that of our chairman.

We urge all to be cautious and to not fall victim to these scams, and report these fake accounts to Facebook immediately.

Fact #2 : Sunway Group Is A Business, Not A Charity

Please do NOT be naive. The Sunway Group (Sunway Berhad) is a public listed company, whose focus is to make money, not a charity to give you free books!

Fact #3 : Giveaways Were Not Posted In Official Website / FB Page

If the Sunway Group was really giving away free books, it would have posted the offer on:

These scams are being run off fake Facebook pages that are brand new, and have nothing to do with Tan Sri Dr. Jeffrey Cheah, or the real Sunway Group.

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Jeffrey Cheah + Sunway Free Books Scam Alert!

Fact #4 : Sunway Group Does Not Use WhatsApp To Communicate

The Sunway Group offers a multitude of contact options by online forms, email or telephone number. What it does not have is a WhatsApp account. So when scammers message you to collect your “free books” by messaging a WhatsApp number, be warned!

Please add my WhatsApp message, send me your mailing information, and I will mail you stock books for you for free! My WhatsApp: https://xxxx.xx/60113906928

The Sunway Group will also not ask you to join a WhatsApp group for any reason, whether it’s for investment advice, stock tips, or to buy and sell stocks, etc.

Fact #5 : Scammers Will Try To Scare You

Scammers will try to scare you into contacting them, by telling you that stock is running out. Just ignore them!

There are only 3 free places left, which have been reserved for you, please add and leave a message as soon as possible Whatsapp 👉 : https://xxxx.xx/60113906928

There are many friends who have claimed it, please tell us whether you have added it successfully! If you do not add or reply, it means that you will give up the quota by default and automatically transfer it to the next friend. Thank you for your understanding!

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Fact #6 : One Victim Lost RM480K To A Free Book Scam!

In November 2022, a 60 year-old housewife from Port Dickson fell for a similar “free book” scam, and lost almost RM480,000.

After being offered the free book on Facebook, she was asked to join a WhatsApp group called Family Discussion, where she was asked to convinced to “invest”.

The WhatsApp group administrator instructed her to download an application called Forza, and open a savings account. She was then asked to deposit money into certain bank accounts, and upload the slips using that Forza app as proof.

The lady withdrew her savings and borrowed from her children and friends to invest RM476,100. However, when she wanted to withdraw the interest paid by the company, her account was blocked. The group administrator told her that she would need to deposit an additional RM427,200 to withdraw the interest.

That was when the lady realised she had been scammed, and lodged a police report.

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