How To Appeal Rejected eMADANI Application!

Find out why your eMADANI application may be rejected, and how to appeal!


6.5 Million Malaysians Received Free RM100 eMADANI Credit!

On 27 July 2023, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim announced that the Malaysian government will give a special, one-off RM100 eWallet credit under the eMADANI programme.

The eMADANI programme kicked off on 4 December 2023, giving 10 million Malaysian citizens the opportunity to receive the RM100 eWallet credit.

As of Wednesday, 6 December 2023, some 6.5 million people have had their eMADANI applications approved. According to the Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan, another 1.8 million eMADANI applications are being processed.

However, many reported they failed to get the free RM100 eWallet credit. Find out why your eMADANI application may be rejected, and how to appeal!

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Why Your eMADANI Application May Be Rejected!

First, it is important to find out why your eMADANI application may be rejected.

You May Not Qualify

The eMADANI programme is limited to some 10 million Malaysian citizens, who meet these requirements:

  • you must be a Malaysian citizen who is 21 years or older, as of 1 January 2023
  • you received the Rahmah Cash Assistance (Sumbangan Tuna Rahmah) as of 7 November 2023,
    you have an annual income of RM100,000 or less, based on LHDN records as of 15 July 2023

Those who do not meet those qualifications won’t be able to receive the free RM100 eWallet credit.

You Received eBeliaRahmah

Those who received the eBeliaRahmah assistance earlier are automatically disqualified for the eMADANI programme, because they have already received eWallet cash to promote the use of cashless payments amongst the youth.

You Did Not Submit Your Tax Return

Unfortunately, the eMADANI programme is using your LHDN tax return for the 2022 assessment year to determine your income level, if you are not receiving the Rahmah Cash Assistance.

People who did not file a 2022 tax return will, unfortunately, not qualify for the free RM100 eWallet credit, even if they earned too little to require filing taxes with LHDN.

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How To Appeal Rejected eMADANI Application!

After applying for eMADANI, your application will be approved and rejected within 1-5 days. Unfortunately, if your application is rejected, the notification will not tell you WHY it was rejected.

The good news is – there is a dispute process. Sort of.

Contact The eWallet Service Provider

The first thing you can try is to reach out to the eWallet service provider you registered with, to find out why your application was rejected.

MAE: 1300-88-6688 or email

Setel: Email to or click here

ShopeePay: +603-2777 9222 or click here

Touch ‘n Go eWallet: +603-5022 3888 or click here 

It is possible that you may need to submit additional information, or documents, like a copy of your identification card for verification.

If you are using the Shopee app, you can raise a dispute with their customer service.

  • Select eMadani Claimants as your user type.
  • Select “eMadani Unable to claim
  • Fill in your personal details.
  • Upload any necessary photos or screenshots.

Contact The Ministry Of Finance

If you cannot resolve the problem through the eWallet service providers, you can try contacting the Ministry of Finance through these dedicated channels of eMADANI:

Email :

Telephone : 03-8882-4565

Toll-free : 1 800 88 2747

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