eWallet May Be Blocked If eMADANI Credit Is Transferred!

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Be warned – your eWallet account may be blocked, if you attempt to transfer your free RM100 eMADANI credit! Here is what you need to know…


eMADANI : 10 Million Malaysian Citizens To Get Free RM100!

On 27 July 2023, Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim announced that the Malaysian government will give a special, one-off RM100 eWallet credit.

On Wednesday, 29 November 2023, the government announced that the eMADANI programme will benefit some 10 million Malaysian citizens and 2 million businesses, with a total budget of RM 1 billion.

The eMADANI programme is a new initiative that is designed to stimulate the micro, small and medium enterprises (PMKS), as well as promote cashless payments, and alleviate inflationary pressures on the rakyat.

From 4 December 2023 until 20 February 2024, eligible Malaysians can register and receive RM100 in one of these four eWallets:

  • MAE
  • Setel
  • ShopeePay, and
  • Touch ‘n Go eWallet

Please note that these four eWallet providers will also be offering additional incentives in the form of vouchers, cashbacks, discounts, reward points, and coins. So be sure to “shop around” for the best offers, before deciding on which eWallet to use!

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eMADANI : How To Get Free RM100 eWallet Credit!


eWallet May Be Blocked If eMADANI Credit Is Transferred!

On Monday, 4 December 2023, the Malaysia Ministry of Finance issued a statement warning that your eWallet may be blocked if you attempt to transfer your free RM100 eMADANI credit out!

This is partly because the eMADANI programme is meant to promote the digital economy, and the use of cashless payments in Malaysia.

The RM100 eWallet credit must be spent physically in retail stores and businesses using the the eWallet of your choice, except:

  • peer-to-peer transfers
  • cash redemptions
  • bill payments through the eWallet
  • government fee payments through the eWallet
  • telco postpaid payments and prepaid reloads through the eWallet
  • game payments through the eWallet
  • parking and toll payments
  • investment activities through the eWallet
  • e-commerce or online transactions

On top of that, the Ministry is aware of online scams offering “cash out” services to people. To avoid people being tricked into transferring their eMADANI credit out, the Malaysian government may order the blocking of eWallet accounts used in such activities, as well as the eMADANI credit involved.

So please make sure you do not transfer your RM100 eMADANI credit out of your eWallet. Do not fall for scams offering you the option to “cash out” the money. Instead, use the eMADANI credit to purchase at retail stores.

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