BUDI MADANI Step-By-Step Registration Guide!

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Find out how to register for the BUDI MADANI diesel fuel subsidy initiative in our step-by-step guide!


BUDI MADANI Registration For Diesel Subsidy

On 22 May 2024, Malaysia Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim announced that the government will cut diesel subsidies in Peninsular Malaysia, with Sabah and Sarawak spared as the use of diesel vehicles is widespread in those states.

Cutting this diesel subsidy is expected to save the government about RM4 billion (about US$850 million a year) – or about 0.2% of its GDP, and help to achieve the goal of the Fiscal Responsibility Act (FRA) to reduce the debt level so that it does not exceed 60% of the GDP, with a fiscal deficit of between 3.5% and 3% by 2025.

Instead of providing a direct subsidy of diesel fuel, Malaysia has announced a new diesel subsidy scheme called BUDI MADANI, which is much more limited, and targeted.

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BUDI MADANI Targeted Diesel Subsidy Scheme Explained!


BUDI MADANI : Step-by-Step Registration Guide

In this guide, we will go through the BUDI MADANI registration process, and show you how to do it.

Step 1 : Go to the BUDI MADANI account registration page, which is also its login page. This is confusing, but don’t worry about it.

Step 2 : Key in your MyKad number, and click on the Semak button.

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BUDI MADANI Registration Guide!

Step 3 : A notice will pop-up, informing you that your MyKad number is not found in the BUDI MADANI system. You are then given the option to register for an account.

Step 4 : Click on the Daftar Akaun (Register Account) button.

Step 5 : In the BUDI MADANI registration page, you will need to key in these details:

  • MyKad number
  • Full name
  • Email address

Step 6 : Enter a safety phrase that only you will know. Make it something short and easy to remember, like Show me the money!

This safety phrase will appear whenever you log into BUDI MADANI in the future, allowing you to verify that you are not logging into a fake, phishing website.

Step 7 : Key in a password that must be at least 8 digits / characters long, and must consist of a mix of numbers, small and capital letters, and symbols.

Step 8 : Once you are done, click on the Daftar (Register) button.

BUDI MADANI Registration Guide!

Step 9 : A pop-up will appear, informing you that you have successfully registered for a BUDI MADANI account. You should immediately receive an email.

You will now need to check your email account (the one you keyed in above), for the BUDI MADANI confirmation email.

Please verify that the email came from [email protected], and that it was sent right after you register for the account.

Once you are sure it is a legitimate email, click on the link inside the confirmation email, to verify your email address and activate your BUDI MADANI account.

Step 10 : Clicking on the link should lead you to the login page. If it does not, simply go to the BUDI MADANI login page again, and key in your MyKad number.

BUDI MADANI Registration Guide!

Step 11 : This time, you will be shown your safety phrase. Click Ya (Yes) to confirm that it is the safety phrase you registered, or Tidak (No) if it’s the wrong safety phrase.

BUDI MADANI Registration Guide!

Step 12 : Now key in your password, and click on the Log Masuk (Log In) button.

Step 13 : After logging in, you will see the BUDI MADANI screen with two options. Click on Permohonan BUDI Individu (Application for BUDI Individual)

BUDI MADANI Registration Guide!

Step 14 : You will need to key in your other personal details:

  • Tick the Police / Military checkbox and key in your Police / Military number, if you are in the police or military.
  • Mobile phone number
  • Bank
  • Bank account number

Step 15 : You will then need to key in the details of your diesel vehicles (up to 5):

  • Vehicle number plate number
  • Vehicle road tax expiry date
  • Vehicle brand and model
  • Vehicle class

Step 16 : Once you are done, verify the details and click on the Teruskan (Proceed) button.

BUDI MADANI Registration Guide!

Step 17 : You will be presented with a CAPTCHA challenge. Key in the letters you see in the box below, and click on the SAHKAN CAPTCHA (Verify CAPTCHA) button.

Step 18 : You will be presented with a declaration. Click on the checkbox to proceed.

BUDI MADANI Registration Guide!

Step 19 : Now click on the Hantar (Send) button to submit your application.

Step 20 : You will receive a notification that your application was successfully submitted. Click on the Keluar (Leave) button to exit, or click on the Cetak Permohonan (Print Application) button to download your application.

You can also click on the Semak Status (Check Status) to see if your application has been approved.

BUDI MADANI Registration Guide!

That’s it! You have successfully submitted your BUDI MADANI application for diesel subsidy! Best of luck!


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