The 3X Camera Xiaomi Mi A2 Smartphone In-Depth Review!

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Our Verdict

The Mi A2 (US | UK | MY) continues the Xiaomi DNA of delivering an excellent set of features at a very compelling price point. It combines a powerful Snapdragon 660 platform, with a large Full HD+ display, and three high-resolution cameras. All for less than RM 1,200 / US$ 420.

Their cameras bear special mention, because Xiaomi seemed to pay special attention to them. The main 12 MP camera uses the latest Sony IMX486 PDAF image sensor, while the secondary rear camera and the front camera both use the higher-resolution 20 MP Sony IMX376 image sensor!

Believe it or not, all three cameras are paired with very bright f/1.75 lens. This means they will work very well in less-than-ideal lighting conditions. This puts these cameras on par with those used in many flagship-class smartphones.

And if that’s not enough, the secondary 20 MP rear camera is actually a special low-light camera which actually delivers on its promise of capturing better low-light photos with less noise than is possible with the main 12 MP camera (even though it has larger pixels).

However, we have to wonder if users will really find the low-light camera all that useful. Particularly when it can only be activated in the Manual mode, and cannot be used to record low-light videos. Unless you are into night photography, it is likely that most users will find a telephoto or wide-angle camera far more useful.

We also have to question Xiaomi’s decision to do away with a microSD card slot. Having the option to add a microSD card is more than just saving some money, or the flexibility of adding more storage. It allows users to record their photos and videos directly into a microSD card, preventing them from being lost should they drop the phone into water or physically damage it.

The lack of the 3.5 mm audio port is not really that big a deal, especially when they threw in a free USB-C adaptor. What concerns us most is the relatively small battery. Yes, it allows the Mi A2 to be thinner and lighter, you will have to live with a relatively short battery life.

Still, the Xiaomi Mi A2 (US | UK | MY) offers a great package for its price point. There are very, VERY few smartphones that offer such high performance, with flagship-class front and rear cameras, at such price points.


Where To Buy The Xiaomi Mi A2?

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Here are some direct purchase links in Malaysia :

  • Mi A2 (6 GB + 128 GB) : RM1,099
  • Mi A2 (4 GB + 64 GB) : RM899

Here are some direct purchase links in the US :

Here are some direct purchase links in the US :


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