The Xiaomi Mi 9 In-Depth Review – 48MP Flagship FTW!

Xiaomi Mi 9 Photo + Video Samples & Analysis

Xiaomi Mi 9 Camera Performance – Photo Samples

The Xiaomi Mi 9 (64GB : US / UK / MY | 128GB : US / UK / MY) pairs the 48 MP Sony IMX586 image sensor with a very wide and bright f/1.75 aperture.

The ultra-high resolution sensor has pretty small pixels – just 0.8 µm in size, so by default, Xiaomi combines them to form a very large 1.6 µm pixel for a reduced 12 MP photo resolution.

At the default 12 MP resolution, the photos are 4000 x 3000 pixels in size, with file sizes between 5 MB and 7.5 MB.

Here are 10 high-resolution unedited photo samples for you to check out. Click on them to load the full-sized photos. You can also download them to examine up close.

The image quality was superb – the details captured were crisp and clean. However, note again that they were taken at the default 12 MP resolution.

There are some caveats though. The wide f/1.75 aperture naturally creates a very narrow depth of field, with a nice bokeh effect. But in many cases, you will end up with an out-of-focus subject because of two issues :

  • trouble autofocusing on the subject in some cases, and
  • the inability to focus at short distances

Look at the last two pictures in particular – mushrooms and star anise. You can clearly see how narrow the depth of field is, with the main camera.

In other words, it will be quite a challenge to take macro or close-up shots. You need to put some distance between the camera and your subject.

Alternatively, switch to the telephoto camera which supports macro photography.

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Xiaomi Mi 9 Camera Performance – Video Samples

Unlike the Redmi Note 7 which also has a 48 MP camera, the Xiaomi Mi 9 (64GB : US / UK / MY | 128GB : US / UK / MY) can record 4K videos. Here are four video samples :

Video Sample #1 : Piano Performance (1080p)

The video is a little under-exposed, and has a yellowish tinge. However, it demonstrated excellent control of the highlights – you can see right to the back of the shop in the background!

The image stabilisation was also very good, and our hand shake was smoothened out very nicely.

The audio recording was a little too bright for our tastes, and we would expected a wider audio range. But it had pretty decent noise cancellation capability.

Video Sample #2 : Piano Performance (4K)

The resolution at 4K is amazing, and what’s really impressive is that the Mi 9 maintained its excellent image stabilisation at this resolution.

It also delivered good control of the highlights and exposure control was actually better at this resolution.

Video Sample #3 : Auto Show (1080p)

In this walk-through of a small auto show, you can see just how effective its image stabilisation is.

Generally, the Mi 9 has excellent image stabilisation performance. It is noticeably better at correcting vertical jerks, than horizontal movement – it jerks a little when you pan.

Video Sample #4 : Auto Show (4K)

Increasing the resolution to 4K appears to slightly impact its image stabilisation. The video is slightly more jerky. But overall, good image stabilisation performance.

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