Xiaomi Mi 11 Will Ship Without Charger : Good Or Bad?

Xiaomi CEO just announced that the Mi 11 will NOT come with a charger. Instead, he hints at something better.

Is that a good decision, or a bad one for Xiaomi? What do YOU think?


Confirmed : Xiaomi Mi 11 Will Ship Without In-Box Charger

Not everything Apple does should be copied, but Xiaomi appears to be following their lead in dropping the in-box charger.

The upcoming Mi 11 smartphone will be the first Xiaomi smartphone to ship without a charger in the box. As the picture below shows, the Mi 11 box is very thin.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun announced this, citing “environmental protection”, and saying that they are well aware that this decision may not be popular with their customers.

The picture of the box also gives sharp-eyed Xiaomi fans a preview of the Mi 11’s key features :

  • 108 MP AI Super Camera
  • Super AMOLED Display with HDR10+ support
  • Sound by Harman / Kardon


Xiaomi Mi 11 : Good Or Bad To Ship Without Charger?

Echoing Apple’s words, he said that everyone has a lot of idle charges which is both a hassle for users to keep track of, and a burden to the environment.

Apple may be correct in that assessment since they have been using the same, piddling slow 5 watt charger for umpteen years until they introduced the 18 watt fast charger for the iPhone 11.

So iPhone users can use their old chargers from years ago without any change in charging experience.

But Android smartphones, including those from Xiaomi, have long provided much faster charging :

All those fast charging capabilities require new in-box chargers that support their higher charging speeds.

While you can use the old 5 watt or 10 watt chargers from years ago, they will not deliver the charging performance Xiaomi is quoting for their smartphones.


Xiaomi Mi 11 : A Better Solution Than In-Box Charger?

Lei Jun cryptically suggested that there may be a better solution for both the industry and the environment, which he will reveal at the Mi 11 press conference on 28 December 2020.

This is quite possibly some form of fast wireless charging technology, of which Xiaomi recently demonstrated an 80 watt prototype.

But it will doubtless be offered as a separate upgrade, although it is possible that Xiaomi may bundle a fast wireless charger with the Mi 11 as a sweetener during these difficult times.

If Xiaomi ends up doing that, the talk won’t be about how they screwed their fans out of an in-box charger, but how they generously ushered in a new world of wireless charging.

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