Xiaomi 3rd Generation Under-Display Camera Technology!

Xiaomi just unveiled their 3rd Generation Under-Display Camera Technology, which is being put into mass production!

Here’s a quick primer on what will soon be coming to a Xiaomi smartphone near you!


Xiaomi Under-Display Camera Technology!

Xiaomi has been working on their Under-Display Camera technology for quite some time. Their first generation effort did not go far – it didn’t even leave their lab.

Their second generation Under-Display Camera technology was good enough to showcase to the public, but never made it to production.

That changes with their new 3rd Generation Under-Display Camera technology!


Xiaomi 3rd Generation Under-Display Camera Technology!

In the 3rd Generation Under-Display Camera Technology, Xiaomi has greatly improved the “full-screen effect” through better pixel arrangement, and optimisation of their camera algorithm.

The new pixel arrangement of the display allows light to pass through the gaps between the sub-pixels. This allows each pixel to retain a complete RGB sub-pixel layout without sacrificing pixel density.

Xiaomi claims that their unique pixel arrangement doubles the number of horizontal and vertical pixels, compared to competing solutions – delivering the same pixel density over the camera, as the rest of the display.

According to Xiaomi, the display area over the camera will have the same brightness, colour gamut and colour accuracy as the rest of the display.

The Xiaomi 3rd Generation Under-Display Camera technology also adopts a special circuit design to hide more components under the RGB sub-pixels to further increase light transmittance to the camera below.

Xiaomi claims that these improvements allow the new under-display camera to deliver the same performance as conventional front cameras.

That’s why they are confident enough to put it into mass production, with plans to introduce these under-display cameras in their smartphones next year.


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