vivo Wireless Sport Lite : What You Need To Know!

vivo just introduced a new pair of neckband headphones – the Wireless Sport Lite!

Here is what you need to know about the new vivo Wireless Sport Lite!


vivo Wireless Sport Lite : What You Need To Know!

The new vivo Wireless Sport Lite was introduced together with the new vivo V21 series smartphones on 28 April 2021.

While designed to complement the new V21 and V21 smartphones, they will work well with other smartphones too.

Golden Ear Acoustics

The vivo Wireless Sport Lite boasts an 11.2 mm moving coil for a strong bass, and a high polymer diaphragm for a more powerful bass and to balance the different frequencies.

Its Daikoku aluminium-coated bronze coil also produces more crisp higher frequencies, to match the powerful bass.

It also comes with a double-layered sound chamber, with front and back vents that enable you to feel the music, as well as hear it.

The Wireless Sport Lite was tuned by the renowned Golden Ears acoustics team, to deliver the best possible audio quality.

Ergonomic Design

The vivo Wireless Sport Lite is very light at just 23.9 grams, so you will barely remember it’s there!

For maximum comfort, you can choose from three sizes of soft ear tips to find the perfect fit.

Its neckband is designed to contour comfortably around your neck, and has a flexible memory metal wire that bounces back to shape even after being coiled up.

Low Latency

If you are a gamer or like to watch movies on your phone, you may be worried about the Bluetooth latency.

vivo says that the earphone to smartphone full loop latency was brought down to as low as 80 ms in the Wireless Sport Lite.

This means better gaming audio performance, and no syncing issues with your movies!

Active Noise Cancellation

The vivo Wireless Sport Lite also supports active noise cancellation (ANC)!

It will cancel out ambient noise, so that you can clearly hear your fellow gamers during a gaming session.

It also makes for clear voice and video calls with your family and friends, no matter where you are.

Long Lasting + Tough

The vivo Wireless Sport boasts a long battery life of 18 hours. It also supports fast charging, giving you 5 hours of playback time after just 10 minutes of charging.

It is also IPX4 rated, which makes it splash-proof, allowing you to use it outdoors – in both rain and shine!


vivo Wireless Sport Lite : Price + Availability

The vivo Wireless Sport Lite neckband earphones come in two colour options – Blue and Black.

They are both priced at RM 159 (about US$39 / £28 / A$50 / S$51).

Here are some online purchase options :


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