vivo Virtual RAM For V21, V21e, X60 : How Does It Work?

The vivo V21 series and X60 smartphones now support Virtual RAM / Extended RAM technology!

But what exactly is vivo Virtual RAM, and how does it work?


vivo Virtual RAM : How Does It Work?

First introduced in the vivo V21 series, vivo Virtual RAM is basically virtual memory that computers have been using for decades.

When our computers begin to run out of memory, it can use some of our HDD / SDD storage as virtual memory.

While storage speeds are many times slower than RAM speed, this is better than running out of memory, which would cause the app to stop working, or worse, crash the operating system.

vivo Virtual RAM uses the same concept – it utilises 3 GB of the smartphone’s internal storage as virtual memory.

This effectively gives the operating system and apps more memory to use. If your vivo smartphone has 8 GB of RAM, then Virtual RAM expands that to 11 GB.

To improve performance, vivo also borrowed the PC virtual memory technique of swapping out inactive apps into the extended RAM space, so active apps have access to the much faster RAM.

The Virtual RAM technology was introduced in the V21 series, and will soon be added to their flagship X60 smartphone.


vivo Virtual RAM : How Useful Is It?

That really depends on how you use your smartphone.

If you only use a few apps at the same time, you will probably never run out of memory.

vivo smartphones now come with a lot of memory – 8 GB, and even games like PUBG Mobile and Asphalt 9 use less than 1.2 GB of RAM!

But if you use many apps simultaneously, or switch between them often, this could help prevent slow loading.

According to vivo, turning on Virtual RAM on an 8 GB smartphone will allow you to cache up to 20 background apps simultaneously.


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