Breaking News : vivo V21 5G Is Almost Here!

If you have been waiting for the 5G variant of the vivo V21, we have great news – it’s ALMOST HERE!


Breaking News : vivo V21 5G Is Almost Here!

When vivo Malaysia launched their V21 Series in April, they featured the industry-leading 44 MP front camera, with OIS (optical image stabilisation) and Dual Selfie Spotlight capabilities!

If you have been for the 5G variant of the vivo V21, we have great news – it’s ALMOST HERE!

We just found out that the vivo V21 5G variant, with the model number V2050, just received SIRIM approval on 5 May 2021!

On top of that, we found out that vivo plans to launch the V21 5G on 27 May 2021!

So you don’t have to wait very long to get your hands on the vivo V21 5G smartphone!


vivo V21 Series : 44 MP Selfie FTW!

On 28 April 2021, vivo launched their V21 and V21e smartphones, both offering a phenomenal 44 MP front camera as their killer feature!

Let’s start with this official vivo V21 series promotional video, which gives you a quick overview of their key features.

The vivo V21 series 44 MP front camera not only supports Dual Selfie Spotlight, it also supports :

  • Superior Night-time Selfie, which gives you shake-free selfies, even during a roller coaster ride!
  • AI Night Portrait algorithm, helps ensure that you only get bright and clear selfies, every time!

In addition, the vivo V21 Series is the first to introduce the 3 GB Extended RAM technology, giving you the ability to boost its 8 GB memory to 11 GB!

This extra boost of memory is useful for power users who need to run multiple resource-intensive apps at the same time!

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