vivo Electrochromic Glass Prototype Sneak Peek!

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Have a sneak peek at the upcoming vivo Electrochromic Glass technology, which could soon be covering their smartphones!


vivo Electrochromic Glass Technology

Electrochromic glass is a type of smart glass, whose colour or opacity changes when a voltage is applied to it.

Already used in the automotive industry to create rear-view mirrors that automatically adjust their tint in different lighting conditions, it will soon come to smartphones.

vivo is developing their own version of the electrochromic glass to change the hue of the back panel, instantaneously and on demand.

vivo Electrochromic Glass Prototype Sneak Peek!

Because colour or opacity changes in electrochromic glass must be maintained by a continuous electrical current, a concern is battery life.

vivo claims that their electrochromic glass technology “does not consume a lot of power” and “is unlikely to have much impact” on the phone’s battery life.

Of course, until they give us hard numbers, it’s really hard to know what they mean by “not … a lot of power” or “much impact“.


vivo Electrochromic Glass Sneak Peek

vivo shared this sneak peek video of their Electrochromic Glass prototype in action.

Although it’s not ready for mass production, their prototype shows how quickly and smoothly the hue of the back panel changes.

As impressive as this may be, we have to point out that beyond aesthetics and bragging rights, there is really not much use for electrochromic glass.

More so when almost everyone slaps on a protective case on opening the box of a new smartphone!

Or are we too old school? Tell us what YOU think!


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