Switching From Maxis To Digi Saves Me RM1.9K / Year!

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I just saved over RM1,900 per year by simply switching from Maxis to Digi! Here is what happened!


Switching From Maxis To Digi Saved Me RM1.9K / Year!

My contract with Maxis just expired, and I decided to see if it was worth renewing with them, or switching to Digi. I had earlier asked my neighbours using Digi, and most of them seemed happy with their service.

So I compared the latest mobile and broadband packages from both Maxis and Digi, and I was shocked by how much cheaper Digi was, compared to Maxis. Take a look at what I found!

Existing Maxis 4G Package : RM423 Per Month

My existing Maxis package bundled a RM98 principal line with four supplementary lines, and 100 Mbps fibre broadband. By bundling with broadband, my principal line has unlimited data, albeit only on the 4G network. There is no 5G connectivity.

However, Maxis only allows a single Share 48 supplementary line with 30 GB of data for the RM98 principal line. So I have to pay a ridiculous RM38 for the remaining three supplementary lines, with just 1 GB of data.

The total cost was RM423 per month, or RM5,075.28 per year. Maxis offered to let me continue with this 4G-only package, but I would no longer get any free smartphone for a 2 year contract.

Maxis 4G Plans 4G Data Cost
Postpaid 98 Unlimited RM 98
Postpaid Share 48 30 GB RM 48
Talk and Surf 1 1 GB RM 38
Talk and Surf 1 1 GB RM 38
Talk and Surf 1 1 GB RM 38
4G Backup Unlimited RM 0
100 Mbps Fibre Unlimited RM 139
Total Before Tax RM 399
6% Service Tax RM 23.94

New Maxis 5G Package : RM445 Per Month

If I wanted a free smartphone with a 2 year contract, I would need to upgrade to the new Maxis 5G plans. The existing RM98 4G plan has been replaced by a new RM109 5G plan – a RM 11 per month premium for 5G connectivity.

From what I understand, tying it with Maxis fibre broadband would still get me unlimited mobile data, but only on 4G. The 5G data is limited to 150 GB, which is more than plenty especially since 5G connectivity is limited.

What I cannot understand is why Maxis continues to limit this RM109 principal line to just one RM48 Share line. If I want all four supplementary lines to have more than 1 GB of data, I would need to upgrade my principal line to their RM199 plan! Ridiculous!

The only good news is they dropped the price of their 100 Mbps broadband from RM139 to RM129. But it makes more sense to upgrade to 300 Mbps for just RM149 per month. Even so, the new Maxis package works out to an unpalatable RM572.40 per month, or RM6,868.80 per year!

Maxis 5G Plans 5G Data Cost
Postpaid 199 4G : Unlimited
5G : 300 GB
RM 199
Postpaid Share 48 30 GB RM 48
Postpaid Share 48 30 GB RM 48
Postpaid Share 48 30 GB RM 48
Postpaid Share 48 30 GB RM 48
4G Backup Unlimited RM 0
300 Mbps Fibre Unlimited RM 149
Total Before Tax RM 540
6% Service Tax RM 32.40

Sorry, mum and dad, you guys are just going to have to put up with just 1 GB of data if we stick with Maxis.

With their sacrifice, I can get by with just paying Maxis RM445.20 per month, or RM5,342.40 per year. That’s a small 5% increase of RM267.12 per year.

This new package would also get me one of these smartphones with a 24-month contract:

  • Samsung A14
  • vivo A78
  • HONOR 90 Lite
Maxis 5G Plans 5G Data Cost
Postpaid 109 4G : Unlimited
5G : 150 GB
RM 109
Postpaid Share 48 30 GB RM 48
Talk and Surf 1 1 GB RM 38
Talk and Surf 1 1 GB RM 38
Talk and Surf 1 1 GB RM 38
4G Backup Unlimited RM 0
300 Mbps Fibre Unlimited RM 149
Total Before Tax RM 420
6% Service Tax RM 25.20

Digi 5G + 4G Package : Only RM286 Per Month!

But when I checked out the Digi plans, they completely wipe out Maxis.

The Digi RM90 principal line offers free 5G connectivity, with 60 GB of data per month. Unlike Maxis, tying up with Digi Fibre Broadband does not give me unlimited mobile data, but that’s okay – 60 GB is plenty.

More importantly, Digi lets me add up to six supplementary family lines, and their cheapest RM20 family line comes with 10 GB of data per month! That goes up to 15 GB with a 1-year contract, and 25 GB with a 2-year contract!

On top of that – Digi offers 300 Mbps fibre broadband for only RM 100 per month! Granted – there is no 4G backup, but that’s RM49 cheaper than Maxis! Would you pay RM49 per month for “4G backup”? Heck, no!

The Digi package is a mix of 4G and 5G, but that’s okay, because my parents no longer have to worry about how much data they have left.

Digi Plans Data Cost
Postpaid 90 5G : 60 GB RM 90
Postpaid Family 20 4G : 25 GB RM 20
Postpaid Family 20 4G : 25 GB RM 20
Postpaid Family 20 4G : 25 GB RM 20
Postpaid Family 20 4G : 25 GB RM 20
4G Backup NA NA
300 Mbps Fibre Unlimited RM 100
Total Before Tax RM 270
6% Service Tax RM 16.20

And here is the cherry on the top – for a 24-month contract, Digi gives you one of these two bonuses:

  • a free smartphone worth up to RM1,099 (HONOR 9o Lite / Samsung A14), or
  • extra 60 GB of mobile data, or
  • unlimited social media data, or
  • 5 GB of international roaming data in 70 countries

Needless to say, this Digi package is a much better deal, as it only costs RM286 per month, or RM3,434.40 per year!

I Switched From Maxis To Digi To Save RM1.9K Per Year!


How Much I Save Over 2 Years Switching From Maxis To Digi

In the end, I switched to the Digi Postpaid 90 principal line, and gave all of my supplementary lines a decent 25 GB of mobile data.

Over a standard two-year contract, I will end up saving RM 3,281.76, and get a free smartphone worth RM 1,099. That’s a total saving of RM 4,380.76! Just think of what you can do with all that money!

If I renewed with Maxis, I would have upgraded to their new 5G plan to get that free smartphone and unlimited data. However, my parents would have to continue suffering with 1 GB of data, and I would have to pay an additional RM 3,816 over 2 years compared to Digi!

If I wanted my parents to have a decent amount of mobile data, I would have to really pay Maxis through my nose, and fork out an extra RM 6,868.80 – exactly twice of what the Digi package costs. It just doesn’t make sense to do that.

No matter how I calculate, it just doesn’t make sense (sen?) to stick with Maxis. I will save anywhere from RM1,900 to RM3,400 per year switching to Digi. It really pays to shop around!


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