How Samsung Tests Galaxy Z Fold3 + Flip3 Foldable Phones!

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Take a look at how Samsung tests the Galaxy Z Fold3 + Flip3, and find out why they are the most durable foldable smartphones yet!


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 + Flip3 : Tougher Than Before!

Samsung’s third-generation foldable smartphones are getting rave reviews, but many people are still worried about the durability of the foldable displays.

Their new foldable displays have a new protective film made from stretchable PET, and newly-optimised display panel layers that are 80% more durable than the Z Fold2 display.

According to Samsung, they are now certified to withstand folding at least 200,000 times. Even if you fold them 100 times a day, they will last 5.5 years!

In addition to sporting new Armor Aluminium protection, these are also the first foldable devices to boast IPX8 water-resistance!

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How Samsung Tests Galaxy Z Fold3 + Flip3 Foldable Phones!


How Samsung Tests Galaxy Z Fold3 + Flip3 Foldable Phones!

To ensure that the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 smartphones will deliver that kind of durability, Samsung put them through various tests :

  • environmental chamber tests – to ensure that the phones will work properly in a variety of climates, from dry to humid, and hot to cold
  • water resistance tests – to ensure the water resistance of the phones in different folding positions, including Flex mode.
  • S Pen drawing tests – to ensure the performance of the digitizer under the foldable display reliably works, even where the display folds.
  • folding tests – to ensure that both Galaxy Z devices will outlast 200,000 folds, or around five years of use.

Take a look at this behind-the-scenes video to see how Samsung tests the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3 smartphones!


Where To Buy Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 + Flip3?

You can get the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 at these online options :

You can get the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 at these online options :


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