Samsung Smart Time To Change Promotion Revealed!

Samsung just launched the second phase of their iChanged campaign, with a special promotion and four new videos on why this is the smart time to change.

Let’s take a look at the four videos that showcase the key features of the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S10, and find out what Samsung is offering you!


Smart Time To Change With Samsung iChanged!

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S10 are powerful flagship smartphones, but they are more than just about performance.

To highlight the inherent but less-obvious capabilities of the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S10 smartphone, Samsung created these four videos :

All-Day Intelligent Battery

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S10 has an Adaptive Power Saving Mode that adapts to how and when you use your phone. It lets both devices last a full day of use, without the need to recharge!

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Samsung DeX

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S10 have Samsung DeX built-in, and it is an amazing feature.

With Samsung DeX, you can connect both devices to a display using a USB cable, for a desktop-like experience.

Best of all, you can even use the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S10 even while you are using the larger display!

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Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox is a hardware-based defence-grade security system built into every Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S10 smartphone.

It employs multiple, overlapping defence and security mechanisms to protect against intrusion, malware and other malicious threats.

Samsung Knox also protects sensitive data stored in Samsung Secure Folder.

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Samsung Video Editor

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S10 smartphones come with a powerful video editor that allows you to easily and quickly :

  • edit multiple videos
  • insert transitions or subtitles
  • change the speed of the video
  • add illustrations with the S Pen (only for the Galaxy Note10 family)

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Easy To Change With Samsung Smart Switch!

Samsung is also reminding everyone about Samsung Smart Switch, which allows for easy migration from other Android smartphones and even Apple iPhones!

Everything, from your files, photos, videos, music collection and apps, can be transferred over seamlessly from your old smartphone to the Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy S10.

You can find out how in our guide – The Samsung Smart Switch Guide For iPhones! (which works for Android phones too)

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Samsung Smart Time To Change Promotion!

Samsung Malaysia just announced the Smart Time To Change promotion! Here are the details!

Promotion Period : 17 October to 16 November, 2019
Qualifying Purchases : Galaxy S10 | Galaxy S10+ | Galaxy Note10 | Galaxy Note10+
Offer : FREE Samsung Galaxy Fit smartwatch (worth RM 369)

Here are some direct purchase links (prices accurate as of 17 October 2019) :


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