Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra : 8K Video Goes Mainstream!

One of the least talked-about features in the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is its 8K video recording capability.

Find out how its 8K video recording capability compares to its 4K and 1080p recording capabilities!


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra : 8K Video Goes Mainstream!

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the big brother of the Samsung Galaxy S20 family, the other two being the Galaxy S20 Plus and the Galaxy S20.

All three models can actually record 8K videos with a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels at 24 frames per second.

However, there are some limitations when you record 8K videos on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra | S20 Plus | S20 smartphones :

  • each video clip is limited to 5 minutes
  • electronic image stabilisation (EIS) will be disabled

The time limit is both necessary because of the 4GB file size limit, as well as to avoid damage to the sensor – it gets really hot when you record 8K videos.

And while EIS cannot be enabled – the amount of processing power required is just too much – you can still rely on the optical image stabilisation (OIS) provided by the lens.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Video Samples : 8K vs 4K vs 1080p

We prepared six Galaxy S20 Ultra video samples to showcase the differences in video recording quality. Check them out :

Video Sample #1 : Blues Band (1080p)

The image quality at 1080p is exceptional, with good control of the exposure. Image stabilisation by the main camera was good, but there was some shakiness when we switched to the telephoto camera.

Its audio quality and noise cancellation were also very good. Even though it was breezy that day, you can’t hear any wind noise.

Video Sample #2 : Blues Band (4K)

This is our favourite video recording resolution. Good image quality at a high resolution, with good exposure.

Video Sample #3 : Blues Band (8K)

The detail at 8K was exceptional, and the image stabilisation (only optical) was better than we expected. But we noticed some autofocus issues – you can see some seeking even though no one is moving.

Video Sample #4 : Street Market (1080p)

In this test of its image stabilisation capabilities, you can see that at 1080p, the S20 Ultra does a very good job of cancelling out hand shake while walking.

Video Sample #5 : Street Market (4K)

Image stabilisation at 4K was very good too. Very smooth video even while walking.

Video Sample #6 : Street Market (8K)

At 8K, there is some noticeable jerkiness, but thanks to OIS, it actually turned out better than we expected.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Smartphones : Where To Buy?

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