Samsung Galaxy S20 Overtrade + Trade-In Malaysia Deals!

In addition to their overtrade program, Samsung Malaysia is offering a Galaxy S20 trade-in deal as well! Here are the details!


Samsung Galaxy S20 Overtrade + Trade-In For Malaysia

We earlier announced the Galaxy S20 trade-up program, but did you know you can get even more discount by trading in an old device?

Samsung is offer a high overtrade value of up to RM 2,565 for your flagship Galaxy device, and on top of that, an additional RM 200 for any old camera or device with a camera!

Samsung Galaxy S20 Overtrade + Trade-In : How Does It Work?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 overtrade program is open to working, damaged, or non-working Samsung flagship smartphones, as long as they are unlocked.

And the Samsung Galaxy S20 camera trade-in program is open to any camera, or device with a camera, whether they are working, damaged or non-working.

All you need to do is back-up the data on your old devices, and bring them to the Samsung Galaxy S20 roadshow, or a Samsung Experience Store, to trade-up to a new Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 overtrade and trade-in program will be valid only until

  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Overtrade : 31 May 2020
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera Trade-In : 22 March 2020

The customer must be 18-years or older (as of 4 March 2020), and every customer is only entitled to trade up to one (1) Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra smartphone.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Overtrade Price List For Malaysia

Here is the list of flagship Galaxy devices Samsung Malaysia will offer high overtrade values for :

Samsung Flagship Devices Trade-In Price
Galaxy Note 8 64GB RM 1,010
Galaxy Note 9 128GB RM 1,395
Galaxy Note 9 512GB RM 1,530
Galaxy Note 10 256GB RM 1,945
Galaxy Note 10 Plus 256GB RM 2,255
Galaxy Note 10 Plus 512GB RM 2,565
Galaxy S8 64GB RM 865
Galaxy S8 Plus 64GB RM 920
Galaxy S9 64GB RM 970
Galaxy S9 Plus 64GB RM 1,100
Galaxy S9 Plus 128GB RM 1,120
Galaxy S9 Plus 256GB RM 1,145
Galaxy S10e 128GB RM 1,345
Galaxy S10 128GB RM 1,615
Galaxy S10 Plus 128GB RM 1,695


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