Samsung Galaxy S10e (SM-G970) In-Depth Review!

Samsung Galaxy S10e (SM-G970) Review – Editor’s Choice!

Samsung Galaxy S10e Camera Performance - Video Samples

Samsung Galaxy S10e Camera Performance – Video Samples

Like its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S10e (US | UK | MY) is capable of recording 4K videos from both front and back cameras.

Samsung removed the 10 minute time limit for 4K recording, but there is still the 4 GB file size limit.

Video Sample #1 : Piano (1080p)

In this video, you can see the amount of detail the sensor captures, even at just 1080p.

You can also see how well its OIS capability worked, even when we switched between the main camera and the telephoto camera. Its ultra-wide camera does not support OIS, but has good EIS capability.

There was a slight lag switching between the cameras, but otherwise, the image quality was fantastic.

We love how well it controlled the exposure. You can see right into the store in the back, which is usually blown out in other cameras.

The Galaxy S10e (US | UK | MY), sadly, does not support Hi-Res Audio recording, and its noise cancellation could really be much better.

We hope Samsung will look at adding context-aware noise cancellation, and perhaps a third microphone next to the rear cameras.

Video Sample #2 : Piano (4K)

The resolution at 4K is incredible. You can clearly read the store directory in the background!

Samsung also solved the focus seeking issue we noted when we reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Price Check), which uses the same dual-aperture main camera.

Video Sample #3 : Street Market (1080p)

The Samsung Galaxy S10e (US | UK | MY) has really good OIS and EIS capability, giving us a silky-smooth video. It was also excellent at eliminating wind noise.

Video Sample #4 : Street Market (4K)

Its image stabilisation capabilities were not diminished with the higher resolution. Overall – very good OIS and EIS performance.

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Video Sample #5 : Piano (1080p with HDR10+)

Like the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus (US | UK | MY), the Galaxy S10e (US | UK | MY) is able to record HDR10+ videos.

However, many devices still do not support HDR10+. Neither does YouTube. So check out what happens when you try to view a HDR10+ video on a non-HDR10+ platform.

Video Sample #6 : Piano (4K with HDR10+)

Just like with the earlier 1080p video, this HDR10+ video appears washed-out when viewed on a device or platform that does not support HDR10+.

Note that this is not a criticism of the HDR10+ video recording. The videos look great on the devices. We are just demonstrating what happens if you try to view them on non-HDR displays.

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