Samsung Galaxy Note9 Photo Samples From Our Taipei Trip!

We were one of the fortunate few in the world to receive the new Samsung Galaxy Note9 smartphone right after its big reveal. One of the first things we did – take it out for a trip to Taipei! Enjoy our Samsung Galaxy Note9 photo samples from Taipei, and see for yourselves just how awesome both its front and main cameras are!


Samsung Galaxy Note9 Photo Samples (Day 1)

Day 1 : Preflight

We flew to Taipei in the morning of 16 August, taking a quick selfie before boarding our flight. There was no preparation, just a quick shot. Joshua at the back didn’t even realise we were taking a selfie!

The Samsung Galaxy Note9‘s front camera has an 8 MP sensor and f/1.7 lens. Unsurprisingly, it did a great job of making sure everyone’s faces were well-exposed. No filters and no DSLR were required to take this instantly-Instagrammable Note9 photo.

Day 1 : Tamsui River

After we landed in Taipei, we took a bus over the New Taipei Bridge. While the bus was rumbling over it, I took this quick snapshot of the Tamsui River.

If you peek closely, you can see some reflections off the window, but otherwise, a nice scenic shot to kickstart our Taipei sojourn.

Day 1 : Stewed Pork Rice

The first thing we did in Taipei? EAT!  

This is a traditional Taiwanese comfort food of stewed pork on rice, with assorted side dishes – soy-stewed eggs, tofu, and vegetables.

No filters were applied. Despite the yellowish lighting, the colour balance of this Galaxy Note9 photo was still quite good – the white rice was white, not yellowish.

Here is a close-up of the bowl of rice with minced stewed pork on top, with a slice of what is probably pickled radish. The stewed pork was so sinfully soft, and the sauce… utterly heavenly!

The minced stewed pork was not enough, so we ordered slices of stewed pork belly. It was EXQUISITE! The meat was so soft, it literally melted in our mouths!

Look at the detail captured by the Samsung Galaxy Note9‘s Dual Aperture camera. Remember – it only has a 12 MP sensor, but it’s an AWESOME sensor with large pixels. That’s why it takes such great detail with so little noise under less than ideal lighting.

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Day 1 : Ximenting

Ximenting is arguably the most popular tourist’s area for night shopping. Every night, and more so on weekends, it’s packed with people.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 (Price Check) has a new Dual Aperture camera with an incredibly wide f/1.5 aperture. This gives it ⅓ stop more light than f/1.7 of its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Note8, and ⅔ stop more light than f/2.0 used in many flagship smartphones.

Hence, taking instant shots like this, without a tripod, is not a problem. Note the lack of motion blur in this Note9 photo, both from my hands and of the people walking past.

Why Rebrand when you can Debrand?

Not only was this brand name interesting, you can see the lack of motion blur from the car on the left and the motorcycle on the right. Thanks to its wide f/1.5 aperture, the Galaxy Note9 (Price Check) can take such photos at high shutter speeds in low-light conditions.

This is the Red House at night. It’s a stark contrast – dark exterior with a very bright interior. Yet the Samsung Galaxy Note9 (Price Check) has no problem bringing out the best of both.

This is thanks to its built-in Auto HDR feature. It’s enabled by default, and kicks in when it detects a big difference in brightness. It basically takes three photos with different exposures in quick succession and merges them into one photo.

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