Samsung Galaxy Note9 Photo Samples From Our Taipei Trip!

Our Samsung Galaxy Note9 Photo Samples! (Day 3) + Summary

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Photo Samples (Day 3)

Day 3 : Oyster Mee Sua

It’s another hot morning in Taipei, and it’s time for the Taiwanese breakfast of champions – oyster mee sua! Mee sua is a very fine salted wheat noodles, with a starchy consistency.

Look at the detail of the mee sua in the foreground, and the nicely blurred background of the guy serving another bowl of mee sua.

One thing about the Taiwanese… they’re so organised.

There is a bucket for leftovers; a tray for the cardboard bowls and a garbage can for everything else.

Cheers? Slurping oyster mee sua in the morning.

This was taken with Vyncent and Huang Jo (both in black t-shirts) in the shadows. But the Auto HDR feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 made sure their faces were clearly exposed.

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Our Galaxy Note9 Photo Samples Summarised

It is obvious by now that the Samsung Galaxy Note9 (Price Check) is our favourite smartphone for mobile photography. It boasts the same excellent Dual Aperture camera as the Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Price Check), with the ability to switch between the f/1.5 and f/2.4 apertures.

The f/1.5 lens is incredibly useful – making low-light photography a breeze. Its narrow depth of field can get tricky, so you have to make sure you focus right in close-up shots. Otherwise, it’s smart enough to adjust the focus, shutter speed and aperture to make sure you get the perfect shot, even if it was a quick shot off-the-cuff.

The new Samsung Galaxy Note9 has an advantage over the already excellent Galaxy S9+ though. It boasts the new Scene Optimiser feature, which uses AI algorithms to identify elements of a photo. It then optimises the saturation, white balance, brightness and contrast.

Without a doubt – the Samsung Galaxy Note9 (Price Check) delivers the best mobile photography experience we have seen so far, out-of-the-box. No tweaks needed. The default Auto HDR and Scene Optimiser settings will take care of everything for you.

We hoped you enjoyed our Samsung Galaxy Note9 photo samples from Taipei, and they would prove to be useful in helping you decide on upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy Note9 (Price Check)!

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