Samsung Galaxy Note9 Photo Samples From Our Taipei Trip!

Our Samsung Galaxy Note9 Photo Samples! (Day 2 Part 3)

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Photo Samples (Day 2 Part 3)

Day 2 : Taiwanese Hot Pot

Late at night, we went for another Taiwanese favourite – the hot pot. It’s basically steamboat with a variety of soup options. Here, we have Mala (chilli oil) soup on the left half of the pot, and herbal soup on the right half.

Note how well the colour turned out. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 (Price Check) uses built-in AI algorithms (Scene Optimiser) to automatically identify the subject and apply the best colour correction to make sure the colours are correct and “pop”.

In the second hot pot, we had pickled vegetable soup in the left half… and scallop soup in the right half.

Again, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 had no problem getting the colours just right.

Look at the detail captured by the Samsung Galaxy Note9‘s Dual Aperture camera. You can see the striations of the muscle tissue in the foreground.

In this Samsung Galaxy Note9 photo sample, you can see the wisps of the evaporating dry ice, and the marbling of the meat.

This is the seafood platter. Look at how the colours “pop”, and how they accurately reflect real life colour. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 (Price Check) accurately identified this as “food”, and made the right colour corrections.

This platter has assorted beef innards. Completely different colour from the seafood platter but the Galaxy Note9‘s Scene Optimiser algorithms correctly identified them as food too.

Assorted meatballs on ice.

Note that these are quick shots, as we were all ravenous. A second or two to frame the shot, and that’s it.

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Quick shot of our hungry party! Notice the lack of motion blur. It’s not magic – the fast f/1.5 lens allows for faster shutter speeds.

Look at this slice of meat! It’s bigger than the iPhone 6 Plus!

Again, another quick shot without preparation. The Samsung Galaxy Note9 (Price Check) did a great job of bringing out the colour of the meat, while giving the background a nice bokeh.

This is ice-blended lychee vinegar in a unique metal cup… Delicious!

The f/1.5 lens is great for low-light conditions, but has a narrow depth of field. So you must make sure you focus on what matters, and live with a bokeh effect for the rest. Either that, or switch to the f/2.4 aperture.

Here is a selfie with the front 8 MP camera with f/1.7 lens. It did a great job of making sure everyone’s face was well-lit. But you will note that it’s not as wide as many selfie-focused front cameras.

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