Samsung Galaxy Note9 Photo Samples From Our Taipei Trip!

Our Samsung Galaxy Note9 Photo Samples! (Day 2 Part 2)

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Photo Samples (Day 2 Part 2)

Day 2 : Marshal Zen Garden Fine Dining

The Marshal Zen Garden has a fine dining restaurant. However, the restaurant has VERY DIM lighting. We didn’t expect very good photos, but the Samsung Galaxy Note9 (Price Check) surprised us.

Note : These Samsung Galaxy Note9 photo samples were taken without flash or additional lighting support. Only some exposure adjustments were made, if necessary, but no filters were applied.

This is King Grouper jelly. In real life, it was so dark, you can barely identify the vegetables at the bottom!

Handmade tofu with Japanese dressing.

Look at how much detail the Samsung Galaxy Note9 managed to capture in such dim lighting!

In real life, you can barely make out that there is even a colour difference between the two mushroom slices.

This is Fried Shrimp Cake and Watermelon with Citrus Sauce.

The depth of field is appreciably narrow at f/1.5, so you need to be careful at what you want to focus on, especially in close-up shots.

The shrimp cakes were rectangular in shape, and arranged standing vertically on a watermelon cube. Focusing on them meant that the bottom of the plate, and the citrus sauce, looked slightly out-of-focus.

But look at how much detail the Samsung Galaxy Note9 (Price Check) could record in such dim lighting.

Steamed King Grouper and Truffle with Seaweed Sauce

Again, the narrow depth of field means you have to be careful in what you focus on, but I think this Note9 photo turned out pretty well, especially considering the really dim lighting…

You can make out the detail of the vegetable stalk with fried shallots on top, and the rolled fish slice.

This is a plate of three pieces of Shaoxing chicken arranged on a rectangular plate.

The f/1.5 lens’ narrow depth of field is readily apparent – only the first piece is in focus. But it gives us a great opportunity to check out the bokeh quality of the background.

Remember – this is not software bokeh, but actual optical bokeh from the very large f/1.5 aperture of the Samsung Galaxy Note9‘s Dual Aperture camera.

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Normally, soups are not really exciting subjects to shoot. But this Green Papaya Chicken Soup came in a cute little clay pot, and hey, it turned out pretty nice!

I focused on the soup, so you can clearly see the oil micelles floating on top of the clear broth. In real life, I could only make out the piece of chicken, but in this Note9 photo sample, we can also make out the piece of radish at the bottom of the pot.

This is a plate of seasonal vegetables with red carrot sauce.

I’m impressed by the detail that we can make out in this Note9 photo – the criss-cross pattern on the cracker, the striations on the surface of the mushroom stalks, and even the tiny patterns on the slice of cucumber.

Finally, dessert – Orange Cheese Pie with Dragon Fruit.

Look at the detail and colour of the dragon fruit. It is really hard to get both right in the dim YELLOW lighting. The flesh of the dragon fruit is the perfect tone of white, and you can make out the individual seeds. Amazing!

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