Samsung Galaxy Note9 Photo Samples From Our Taipei Trip!

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Photo Samples! (Day 2 Part 1)

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Photo Samples (Day 2 Part 1)

Day 2 : Ximenting

Good FREAKING HOT morning, Taipei! 😅😅

This Samsung Galaxy Note9 photo is a great example of its Auto HDR capability. I took this picture “blindly” because the sun was so bright, I could not even look at it.

Yet the Note9 photo  turned out much better than anyone had any right to expect. Thanks to its Auto HDR feature, it managed to reduce the incredible intensity of the sunlight, and yet preserve the details in the shadows.

You can actually see both the sun AND people hidden in the shadow of the MRT station! Heck, even the blue sky and wispy clouds are clearly visible in such an intensely bright sky.

Day 2 : Marshal Zen Garden

The Marshal Zen Garden in Taipei is a really picturesque location. The following Samsung Galaxy Note9 photo samples were unedited (other than being cropped in Instagram) and had no filters applied.

The zen path to inner peace…

The detail the 12 MP Samsung ISOCell sensor captured is readily apparent, even in this reduced sized photo. In the original, you can make out the detail of the tiny leaves.

In such bright conditions, the Samsung Galaxy Note9‘s Dual Aperture camera switches to the f/2.4 aperture.

Again, this was a very hot day, with a scorching hot sun. Because it’s so bright, the Dual Aperture camera automatically switched to the f/2.4 aperture. This ensured that the mountains and buildings in the background would not be blurred out.

The Auto HDR feature also kicked in, keeping the highlights in full control, while preserving the details in the shadows. You can actually see the blue sky and white clouds in this Note9 photo. Yet you can also make out the details of the leaves and even the roof tiles in the shadows.

The stairway to zen…

If you want a dramatic photo to show your friends just how freaking hot it is, you need to turn off Auto HDR. Otherwise, you will end up with a nice well-lit HDR photo like this. 😁

Without Auto HDR, the rooftop would be brightly-lit, but you won’t be able to see the white dog at the bottom of the stairway, much less the large pot behind him.

Thanks to Auto HDR, you can see deep into the shadows at the bottom of the stairway. Heck, you can even see the tiny figurines hidden in the shadows of an alcove under the roof!

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These are two owl dolls at the Marshal Zen Garden. In the original Note9 photo, you can make out the fine details of their faux feathers.

Here is a close-up Note9 photo of another owl pair, this time in direct sunlight. It was VERY BRIGHT, yet the owls were perfectly exposed. There was very good control of the highlights, and you can see the intricate detail of these owl dolls.

Later in the evening, it started raining at the Marshal Zen Garden, which gave me the opportunity to capture this shot. Completely unedited (except for cropping), and certainly no filters were applied.

The Auto HDR feature kicked in this shot, and preserved both the bright floor lamps and the details of the floor planks and the rocks in the dark areas on the right side.

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