Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra : An In-Depth Review!

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra : An In-Depth Review!

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Photo Samples

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra : Photo Samples

Like the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra uses the Samsung ISOCELL Bright HM1 sensor, which is notable for its large 1/33-inch sensor size and ultra-high resolution of 108 MP.

But it defaults to 12 MP – combining nine pixels into one for better image quality, especially in low-light conditions.

At the default 12 MP resolution using the new HEIC file format, each 4000 x 3000 pixel picture has a file size of only about 2-3 MB.

Even using the HEIC file format, the full 108 MP resolution of 2000 x 9000 pixels has a much larger file size of 10-20 MB!

Here are 10 high-resolution unedited samples for you to check out. Click on them to load the full-sized photos, which you can also download to examine.

The pictures look really good at the default 12 MP, with great detail even if you blow them up 100%. You really don’t need to go full 108 MP.

The main camera has a very narrow depth-of-field, which makes for great background bokeh but can be very difficult to focus on the subject – a problem we noted with the Galaxy S20 Ultra camera.

However, the new laser autofocus system seems to greatly reduce the risk of getting out-of-focus pictures.

It lets the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra accurately determine the distance of objects at short distances, letting it better decide which object to focus on.

Even so, we recommend that you tap on the subject to ensure that the camera knows what you really want to focus on.

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