Samsung Galaxy M20 Infinity-V Smartphone In-Depth Review!

Samsung Galaxy M20 Photo + Video Samples

Samsung Galaxy M20 Photo Samples

Here are eight full-sized unedited photo samples taken using the Samsung Galaxy M20 (MY | US).

At the full 13 MP resolution, the photos are 4128 x 3096 pixels in size, with file sizes between 3 MB and 4 MB.

Click on them to expand – you can also download them to “peek” at the pixels!

The Samsung Galaxy M20 (MY | US) produced very good pictures, particularly when you consider its price point. However, you need to be aware of two issues.

Its wide aperture is great for low-light photography, but introduces a narrow depth-of-field. That means you may need to “help” it focus on your subject, or it will turn out blur – out of focus.

The other thing is that it requires some distance to focus properly. So macro shots will be a challenge.


Samsung Galaxy M20 Video Samples

Despite sporting a 13 MP camera, the Samsung Galaxy M20 (MY | US) only supports 1080p video recording. Here are two video samples :

Video Sample #1 : Live Performance

The image quality was excellent, but it was painfully obvious that it was not even electronically-stabilised.

There were also some exposure issues – sometimes it was overly dark, and when we tapped on the subject to correct – the background got overblown.

But on the bright side, the audio quality was very good. It was richer, with a markedly widerly range, than most smartphones at the same price range.

Video Sample #2 : Auto Show

This walk around of a small auto show demonstrates just how important stabilisation is when you record a video.

We can understand the lack of optical image stabilisation, but why didn’t Samsung throw in electronic image stabilisation?

This is a real shame, because the image quality was good, even though there were some exposure issues.

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