The Samsung Galaxy Fold Guide For First Time Users!

The Samsung Galaxy Fold introduces a new concept – a foldable design, with a foldable display. To showcase what you can do with it, here is our Samsung Galaxy Fold guide for first time users!

With some help from Samsung, we will take you from the moment of unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Fold, through its various usage possibilities.


Samsung Galaxy Fold Guide Part 1 : Unboxing

Samsung promises a premium and eco-friendly experience from the get-go. The packaging for the Samsung Galaxy Fold is not only premium, it is made entirely from eco-friendly materials.

Before you start using it though, Samsung strongly advises you to read the User Guide and Care Instruction inside the box.

They will provide you with an introduction to the Galaxy Fold’s folding display mechanism, and teach you how to use it properly to avoid damage.


Samsung Galaxy Fold Guide Part 2 : Getting A Grip

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is designed with an identical volume on all four sides of the device to provide the best grip possible.

When folded, Samsung points out that the Galaxy Fold is narrower than conventional smartphones at just 62.8 mm, which should allow for easier one-handed usage.

You will notice that Samsung placed the Volume and Power buttons as well as the fingerprint sensor on the right side of the Galaxy Fold.

These buttons can be customised according to your preference through Settings > Advanced Features, but by default :

  • pressing the Power button twice launches the Camera app
  • a long press of the Power button launches Bixby

One advantage of having two displays in one device is that you can set two custom home screens – one for the cover display, and one for the main display.

This allows you to select the most useful apps for one-handed use, and a different set of apps when you need to multitask on the big main display.

You can also set the navigation bar in the main display to the middle, left-side or right-side through Settings > Display > My Navigation Bar > Adjustment.


Samsung Galaxy Fold Guide Part 3 : Switching Seamlessly

Samsung developed a new UX for the Galaxy Fold, which includes App Continuity.

App Continuity allows you to check an email notification on the cover display, and have it display automatically with a virtual keyboard, when you unfold the main display to respond.

It works both ways – after you plan a trip on Google Maps (for example) on the main display, you can fold the phone and have Google Maps display your route on the cover display automatically.

To enable App Continuity, go to Settings > Display > Continue apps on the cover display.


Samsung Galaxy Fold Guide Part 4 : Using The Cameras

The Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with SIX cameras – three for selfies, and three at the back.

The cover display has a dedicated camera for tracking a quick selfie. But if you open up the main display, you gain access to dual cameras that let you capture a wider-angle with Live Focus capability.

The Galaxy Fold’s main display allows for an expansive view of subject when you are using the rear triple cameras.

You can also take photos in any orientation – the Galaxy Fold will automatically move the shutter button to an optimised position, as you switch to landscape or portrait mode.

You can also press and drag the shutter button to move it to a preferred location!


Samsung Galaxy Fold Guide Part 5 : Harnessing The Large Display

The main appeal of foldable phones is they allow for a much larger display in a smaller form factor.

Unfortunately, we were not amongst the lucky few to get some hands-on time with the improved Galaxy Fold, but Samsung assured us that users will be impressed with the large 7.3-inch display.

Beyond its size, the main display uses a Dynamic AMOLED panel – the best in the industry, with HDR10+ colour and Dynamic Tone Mapping. It is also a TÜV Rheinland-certified Eye Comfort display with reduced blue light emissions.

To enjoy a cinematic viewing experience, don’t forget to drag down the upper notification window to turn on the Dolby Atmos feature. You can then enjoy an expanded soundscape through its AKG-tune stereo speakers.


Samsung Galaxy Fold Guide Part 6 : Multitasking

To help you multitask, Samsung Galaxy Fold has a Multi-Active Window feature that lets you use multiple active apps simultaneously.

Swipe the right-hand side of the main display to access the Multi Window Tray. It lists both your recently-used apps, as well as a View All button to see all apps that support Multi Window.

You can customise your favourite Multi Window apps within the tray using Settings > Advanced Features > Multi Window Tray.

You can then drag and drop up to three apps into the desired position and order on the display.

Furthermore, once you launch those apps, you can adjust the size of the app’s window by pressing the handle at the top of each window.

The Galaxy Fold supports up to three Multi Windows, as well as five pop-up windows. That means you can actually launch and use up to eight applications simultaneously!

To access pop-up windows, open the Multi Window Tray, and drag the app you need to the centre of the main display. It will become a pop-up window!

These pop-up windows can also be made transparent, so you can see and make use of the Multi-Active Windows behind.


Samsung Galaxy Fold Guide Part 6 : Next-Level Productivity

For greater productivity, power users can try out the Dual Messenger feature, which lets you keep your work and personal messages in separate windows using the Multi Window option.

You can also respond to alarms and notifications – when a notification message appears, you can drag it down into a Multi-Active Window to seamlessly respond or reply without interrupting your other apps.

To enable this Smart Pop-Up View feature, go to Settings > Advanced Features > Smart Pop-Up View.

Samsung would like us to remind all Galaxy Fold users that you need not worry about its multitasking performance.

Powered by the fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile platform with 12 GB of RAM, it is more than capable of handling multiple apps – all running at the same time!

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Price + Availability

If you have not purchased your Samsung Galaxy Fold yet, here are their official launch prices :

  • South Korea : ₩ 2,398,000 (5G model)
  • United States : US$ 1,980
  • United Kingdom : £ 1,799
  • Malaysia : RM 8,388

And here are some direct purchase links :

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