The Tech ARP Samsung Galaxy Fold Care Guide!

Samsung just shared with us the official care guidelines for their first foldable smartphone – the Samsung Galaxy Fold!

If you are one of the exclusive few to own a Galaxy Fold, please make sure you read and follow these care instructions! As this graphic suggests – just use a light touch!

Introducing The Samsung Galaxy Fold

The killer feature of the Samsung Galaxy Fold (US | UK | AU | MY) is its eponymous foldable display, which promises to revolutionise how we use our smartphones.

When folded, its 4.6-inch cover display lets you use it like any other smartphone. But when you need a larger display, just unfold it to reveal its massive 7.3-inch Infinity Flex display!

According to Samsung, the combination of a cover display, and the large inner Infinity Flex display allows for better multitasking possibilities.

And here is a look at how much easier it is to take photos with the Samsung Galaxy Fold cameras, and the larger Infinity Flex display.

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The Official Samsung Galaxy Fold Care Guide!

Samsung shared with us these tips on how to care for the Galaxy Fold, to ensure its longevity.

Galaxy Fold Care Tip #1 : Use A Light Touch!

The large Infinity Flex display is made up of multiple bonded polymer layers that allow the screen to be folded.

These polymer layers are tissue-thin, and are unprotected by the hard glass that we are all used to in our smartphones.

Therefore, you need to refrain from pressing the Infinity Flex display with a hard or sharp object like a pen, or fingernail.

Even when you use your finger, do NOT apply “excessive pressure”. Samsung did not define what they mean by “excessive pressure”, but we recommend “a light touch” – just enough pressure to trigger the action.

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Galaxy Fold Care Tip #2 : Don’t Make A Sandwich!

Before you fold the Samsung Galaxy Fold (US | UK | AU | MY), please make sure you did not accidentally place any objects like cards, coins or keys on the display.

Sandwiching objects with the display will damage it, because again, the screen is made up of thin polymer layers that are unprotected by hard glass.

Galaxy Fold Care Tip #3 : Protect The Hinge!

The Samsung Galaxy Fold (US | UK | AU | MY) features a special hinge which uses multiple interlocking gears, like those used in mechanical watches.

Unfortunately, the design does not allow the hinge to be sealed, so you need to keep it clear of liquids and dust.

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Galaxy Fold Care Tip #4 : Don’t Peel The Screen Protector!

The Infinity Flex display comes protected by a plastic screen protector out-of-the-box.

Do NOT remove this screen protector, or apply an additional screen protector on top of it!

Galaxy Fold Care Tip #5 : Be Careful, Magneto At Work!

The Samsung Galaxy Fold (US | UK | AU | MY) uses multiple magnets for a smooth folding experience. They may pose a danger to magnetically-sensitive items like credit cards and implanted medical devices.

You are advised not to place the Galaxy Fold next to your credit cards, or sensitive medical devices.

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