Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus : TWS Earbuds Tuned By AKG!

One of the best TWS earbuds in the market are the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, which are turned by AKG.

Find out if the new Galaxy Buds Plus (Galaxy Buds+) are TWS earbuds you’re looking for!


True Wireless Stereo : What Is It?

True Wireless Stereo or TWS for short, refers to the ability to transfer stereo music wirelessly through Bluetooth.

The music player (or smartphone) transmits the music to a TWS Master device, which then forwards it to a TWS Slave device. This allows both TWS Master and Slave devices to deliver stereo music to you


Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus : TWS Earbuds Tuned By AKG!

Announced together with the Samsung Galaxy S20 family of smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus or Galaxy Buds+ is their second-generation TWS earbuds design.

Improving on last year’s Galaxy Buds, it boasts a new 2-way speaker design by AKG, and an adaptive 3-microphone system. Let’s take a closer look at its key features…

2-Way Dynamic Speaker System by AKG

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus features a new 2-way dynamic speaker system, tuned by AKG. It combines a tweeter with a woofer, to deliver both clear high notes and a rich and powerful bass.

Adaptive 3-Microphone System

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus also comes with an adaptive 3 microphone system to make sure background noises will never drown out your voice.

The two outer microphones work together with the inner microphone to cancel out background noises, whenever you are on a call.

You can also use it to tune out ambient noise while listening to your music, or whenever you just want some peace and quiet.

Better Battery + Charging!

Samsung greatly improved the battery life on the Galaxy Buds Plus, almost doubling it over its predecessor – from 6 hours to 11 hours!

Even its battery case has a much longer battery life, up from 7 hours to 11 hours! That means you get a total of 22 hours of battery life on-the-go!

Samsung also improved its recharging performance. It now takes just 3 minutes of charging to get you an hour of playback time. That’s 3X faster than its predecessor!

On top of that, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and its battery case are Qi-certified. That means you can recharge either or both using any Qi-compatible charging pad.

Heck, you can even recharge it on smartphones that support Qi reverse charging, like the Samsung Galaxy S20 /  Galaxy S20 Plus / Galaxy S20 Ultra… and even the HUAWEI P40 / P40 Pro / P40 Pro Plus smartphones!


Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus : Price + Availability

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is available in two colour options – White and Black, with BlueRed and Pink options in select countries, at recommended retail prices :

  • Malaysia : RM 599
  • Singapore : $268
  • United States : $149.99
  • United Kingdom : £159
  • Australia : $299

You can purchase them from these online stores :


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