The Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 Review – 4X Camera, 4X Fun?

The Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 Key Features

Qualcomm Snapdragon 660

Launched in May 2017, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 is a powerful mid-range mobile SoC.

It combines eight Qualcomm Kryo 260 processor cores, with an Adreno 512 GPU, a Snapdragon X12 modem, a Spectra 160 camera ISP and a Hexagon 680 DSP.

It has two processor clusters – a high-performance cluster of four Kryo 260 Gold cores running at 2.2 GHz, and a low-power cluster of four Kryo 260 Silver cores running at 1.84 GHz.


The Kryo 260 Gold is a semi-custom version of the Cortex-A73, while the Kryo 260 Silver is a semi-custom version of the Cortex A53.

Performance-wise, the Snapdragon 660 is up to 20% faster in processor performance than the previous year’s Snapdragon 653, and up to 30% faster in graphics performance.


Rear Fingerprint Sensor

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 which uses a side fingerprint sensor, Samsung uses a rear fingerprint sensor in the Galaxy A9 2018 (MY | US | UK).

The rear fingerprint sensor offers a familiar log-in option for many users, but it is not be possible to use while the Galaxy A9 2018 is attached to a car mount.

But more importantly, this is a new swipe-type fingerprint sensor that is much faster and accurate to use. We were impressed with how fast it took to register our fingerprints using this fingerprint sensor.


Dedicated Bixby Button

Unlike the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018, the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 (MY | US | UK) supports Samsung Bixby. It even has a dedicated Bixby button.

If you are concerned about accidentally triggering the Bixby button, we are glad to report that Samsung fixed that by swapping the position of the Bixby button with the Power button.

This means the Bixby button will be the sole button on the left side, while the Volume Control and Power buttons are on the right side. This should eliminate the chance of accidentally pressing the Bixby button while trying to change the volume.

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Triple Card Tray

The Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 (MY | US | UK) has Dual SIM, Dual Standby capability, with support for LTE Cat12 downloads and LTE Cat13 uploads. The good news is – it comes with a triple card tray. In addition to the two nano SIM cards, it has a dedicated slot for a microSD card.

Now, it comes with 128 GB of internal storage, which should be plenty for most users. Even so, the microSD card slot allows you to add more storage – up to 512 GB. That would give you more storage than many laptops!

The microSD card is also useful for another reason. The Samsung Galaxy A9 2018 (MY | US | UK) is not water-resistant, so storing your recorded photos and videos on the microSD card protects them, in case you accidentally drop your phone into water… or let a car run over it.

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