The 4X Camera Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 (SM-A750) Review!

Samsung recently launched the Galaxy A7 2018 smartphone, with triple rear cameras at the incredible Galaxy UNPACKED KL 2018, and we received one of the first units! Read our in-depth review and find out if this is the smartphone for you!

Updated @ 2018-11-02 : Upgraded to a full review, with four new pages, five videos and many new photos.

Updated @ 2018-10-16 : Upgraded to a preview of the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018, with three videos.

Updated @ 2018-10-15 : Added the CPU and GPU specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018!

Updated @ 2018-10-12 : Added the official Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 (and Galaxy A9 2018) presentation, as well as its price and pre-order offer!

Originally posted @ 2018-09-21


The Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Smartphone Revealed!

Samsung revealed the Galaxy A7 2018 and Galaxy A9 2018 smartphones in a glamorous Galaxy UNPACKED event that was held for the first time in Malaysia, with Korean celebrities like Yook Sung-jae, AOA (Ace of Angels) and DJ Soda, headlining the event.

As their designer, Sang Il Park, recently revealed, the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 (MY | US | UK) is targeted at Millennials with a new minimalistic yet expressive design language.


Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Colour Options

Samsung is offering the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 (MY | US | UK) in four colour options – Black, Blue, Gold and Pink. Here is a video comparing the four colour options:

In many countries, only three of those four colour options will be available for sale, at least initially. Here in Malaysia, it will only be available in Black, Blue and Gold colours.


Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Price + Availability

The Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 (MY | US | UK) officially launched on 11 October 2018 at the Galaxy UNPACKED 2018 event in Kuala Lumpur, and is currently available for purchase.

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It has a recommended retail price of RM 1,299 / ~US$ 325 / ~£236.

Here is the cheapest price we found online (as of 1 November 2018) in Malaysia :

And here are the direct purchase links in the US and UK :

  • Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 (International Version) : $329.99
  • Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 (UK Version) : £309.99


Unboxing The Samsung Galaxy A7 2018

The Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 is not available for sale, but we managed to get our hands on one of the first retail unit, albeit one meant for the German market. Let’s unbox it, and see what we find inside!

Once you fully unbox the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018, you will find the following items :

  • One Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 smartphone
  • One set of Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 documents
  • One 7.75 W Samsung travel adaptor
  • One micro-USB 2.0 cable
  • One pair of white Samsung earphones
  • One SIM tray extractor pin

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