Samsung Galaxy A52 Review : An Awesome Deal Indeed!

Camera Performance + Photo Samples

Samsung Galaxy A52 : Camera Performance + Photo Samples

The Samsung Galaxy A52’s 64 MP main camera takes 16 MP photos by default, with a resolution of 4624 x 3468 pixels.

The 46 MP sensor basically combines four pixels into one large “virtual pixel”, for better image quality and low-light performance.

The Galaxy A52 produces very good photos with really incredible detail at 16 MP, so stick with that unless you are planning to print really large format photos.

While the wide f/1.8 aperture creates a narrow depth-of-field, so there is the risk of ending up with an out-of-focus photo.

It is easy to “fix” that problem by tapping on the screen to make sure the camera focuses exactly where you want it to.

While this works with all smartphones, the Galaxy A52 does a much better job focusing than say, the Redmi 9T.

Here are ten unedited photo samples for you to check out.

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