How To Get FREE YouTube Premium With Samsung Devices!

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Samsung just gave practically all Galaxy smartphone and tablet users FREE YouTube Premium access!

In this guide, we will give you the full details of this great freebie, and how to activate your FREE YouTube Premium access!


What Is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium, formerly YouTube Red, is the paid subscription version of the YouTube we all love.

How To Get FREE YouTube Premium With Samsung Devices!

For a monthly fee of US$11.99 / RM 17.90, you get to enjoy these benefits :

  • YouTube videos without advertisements
  • music streaming on YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music services without advertisements
  • exclusive original YouTube Premium content
  • access to audio from YouTube videos on the YouTube Music app
  • downloading videos for offline playback
  • background playback of videos on mobile devices
  • picture-in-picture mode on Android Oreo or newer devices


FREE YouTube Premium With Your Samsung Galaxy Device!

Samsung is offering up to 4 months of FREE YouTube Premium (including YouTube Music) subscriptions for all Samsung Galaxy devices :

FREE 4 Months of
YouTube Premium
FREE 2 Months of
YouTube Premium
Samsung Galaxy Note10
Samsung Galaxy Note10+
Samsung Galaxy S10e
Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10+
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
All other Samsung Galaxy devices
purchased and activated
20 Feb 2019 until 29 Feb 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 YouTube Premium

Samsung Galaxy S10 YouTube Premium

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 YouTube Premium

Samsung Galaxy A YouTube Premium


How To Get FREE YouTube Premium With Samsung Devices!

This is how you can redeem your FREE YouTube Premium account for your Samsung Galaxy devices :

  1. Open the YouTube app in your Samsung Galaxy device
  2. Go to Account.
  3. Tap on YouTube Premium.
  4. Tap on Try It For Free.
  5. Complete your purchase

That’s it! You can now enjoy YouTube videos and music without interruption, with the ability to download and play them offline!


Samsung Galaxy S10 | S10+ | S10e : Where To Buy

Samsung Galaxy S10eMYSGUSUKAU
128 GB, Prism BlackRM 2,699S$1,078$749.99£493.59
128 GB, Prism WhiteRM 2,699S$1,078$749.99£509.99A$961
128 GB, Prism GreenRM 2,699S$1,078£649.00A$961
128 GB, Prism Blue$749.99
Samsung Galaxy S10MYSGUSUKAU
128 GB, Prism BlackRM 3,299S$1,298$899.00£599.49A$1,297
128 GB, Prism WhiteRM 3,299S$1,298$899.99£629.98A$1,297
128 GB, Prism GreenRM 3,299S$1,298£625.06A$1,139
128 GB, Prism Blue$899.00
128 GB, Flamingo Pink$899.99
512 GB, Prism Black£809.00A$1,349
512 GB, Prism White£725.07A$1,339
512 GB, Prism GreenA$1,299
Samsung Galaxy S10+MYSGUSUKAU
128 GB, Prism BlackRM 3,699S$1,398$999.99£729.00A$1,489
128 GB, Prism WhiteRM 3,699S$1,398$999.99£739.99A$1,271
128 GB, Prism GreenRM 3,699S$1,398£899.00A$1,271
128 GB, Prism Blue$999.99
128 GB, Flamingo Pink$999.48
512 GB, Ceramic BlackRM 4,599S$1,664$1,099.99£899.99A$1,847
512 GB, Ceramic WhiteRM 4,599S$1,797£871.29A$1,789
1 TB, Ceramic BlackRM 5,999S$2,198$1,599.99£859.99
1 TB, Ceramic WhiteRM 5,999S$1,921£1,009.99


Samsung Galaxy Note10 | Note10+ : Where To Buy

Samsung Galaxy Note10MYSGUSUKAU
256 GB, Aura GlowRM 3,699S$1,298£860.06A$1,198
256 GB, Aura PinkRM 3,699S$1,298
256 GB, Aura BlackRM 3,699S$1,298$749.99£774.00
128 GB, Prism Blue
Samsung Galaxy Note10+MYSGUSUKAU
256 GB, Aura GlowRM 4,199S$1,598$899.99£922.98A$1,499
256 GB, Aura WhiteRM 4,199S$1,598$899.99
256 GB, Aura BlackRM 4,199S$1,598$899.99£898.98
512 GB, Aura GlowRM 4,799S$1,898£1,199
512 GB, Aura WhiteRM 4,799S$1,898
512 GB, Aura BlackRM 4,799S$1,898$939.99£1,099


Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e | Tab S6 : Where To Buy

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5eMYSGUSUKAU
64 GB, WiFi, BlackRM 1,999S$1,298$369£329A$645
64 GB, WiFi, GoldRM 1,999S$1,298
64 GB, WiFi, Silver£328.99A$639
128 GB, WiFi, Black£389
128 GB, WiFi, Gold$477.99
128 GB, WiFi, Silver£388.49A$648
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6MYSGUSUKAU
128 GB, WiFi, GreyS$998$549.99£553.47A$798
128 GB, WiFi, Blue$549.99£658.49A$798
128 GB, WiFi, RoseS$998£549
128 GB, LTE, GreyRM 3,099S$1,098£639A$1,286
128 GB, LTE, BlueRM 3,099£728A$998
128 GB, LTE, RoseRM 3,099S$1,098£639
256 GB, LTE, GreyS$1,298£709
256 GB, LTE, RoseS$1,298£709
512 GB, Aura BlackRM 4,799S$1,898$939.99£1,099


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