Samsung To Use AMD Radeon Graphics In Mobile Devices!

Samsung just announced that they will start using AMD Radeon Graphics in future mobile devices!

What does this mean? Here are the full details!


Samsung To Use AMD Radeon Graphics In Mobile Devices!

On 4 June 2019, AMD and Samsung jointly announced a multi-year strategic partnership to use the ultra-low power, high-performance Radeon mobile graphics IP in future Samsung mobile devices, including smartphones.

  • AMD will provide Samsung with custom Radeon mobile graphics IP based on their recently-announced highly-scalable RDNA graphics architecture.
  • Samsung will pay AMD licence fees and royalties to use RDNA-based Radeon mobile graphics IP.
  • The licence will allow Samsung to use the Radeon mobile graphics IP in mobile devices including smartphones.


What Does This Samsung – AMD Partnership Mean?

This will not mean they are adding an AMD Radeon graphics chip into your next Samsung smartphone. Samsung is only licensing the Radeon mobile graphics IP, which must be added to, and fabricated as part of, a mobile SoC.

What this mean is – future Samsung Exynos platforms will use Radeon graphics, instead of ARM Mali graphics.

AMD Radeon graphics technology, which is normally used in computers, will offer a significant boost in graphics and gaming performance. Samsung smartphone users can there look forward to a much better gaming experience in the future.

This is an effort by Samsung to differentiate their Exynos mobile SoCs from competing products like Qualcomm Snapdragon and HUAWEI Kirin, beyond the current trend of adding AI capabilities.


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