The Realme Selfie Guide + Showcase Of US West Coast!

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Realme 3 Selfie Samples (Boulder City, Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas)


Realme 3 Selfie Samples From Boulder City

After landing in Las Vegas, we headed straight for Boulder City, which is a small town about 30 minutes away.

You will pass it on the way to the Grand Canyon, or Hoover Dam. So it’s a great place to stop for the night, especially if you plan to visit Hoover Dam.

But first, we had some burger and chicken fingers at The Chicken Shack. The folks here are extremely friendly! 😄

Here is Nick with the Double Shack burger, with double beef patties and cheese. Only$9.79 before taxes, , with a side of fries and a drink!

Realme 3 Boulder City selfies 01

And here are Steve and Justin with my order of chicken fingers! 😄

The chicken tenders here are large strips of chicken breast meat. I prefer dark meat, but they were juicy and tender. Only $7.99 for 5 of “em!

Realme 3 Boulder City selfies 02

This is Allyson from the Boulder Pit Stop, serving our Pit Burger and Turkey Burger. Seriously great burgers even without adding cheese, bacon or mushrooms.

Realme 3 Boulder City selfies 03
The Pit Burger with a 1/3 lb patty is only $5.75 before taxes, and the Turkey Burger only $4.50 before taxes. If you’re ever going to Boulder City, make sure you try them out!


Realme 3 Selfie Samples From Hoover Dam

The best view of Hoover Dam is actually midway across the Mike O’Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.

Just turn off about a mile after the security check point, and walk up to the Memorial Plaza, which leads to the pedestrian walkway of the bridge.

There’s no need to walk all the way to the end. Just walk until you get a picture you like, or to the mid-point, so you can have one foot in Nevada, and another foot in Arizona! 😀

Realme 3 Hoover Dam selfies 01

The lifts were undergoing maintenance so there were no tours that day. However, Hoover Dam tour guides like Alan gave us a presentation on the Hoover Dam instead.

Realme 3 Hoover Dam selfies 02

You can feel the pride and love they have for this American engineering marvel!


Realme 3 Selfie Samples From The Grand Canyon

Being short on time, we took a short plane + helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon at a Boulder City airport.

Realme 3 Grand Canyon selfies 01

Scott here took us on a short cruise down the Colorado river, through the Grand Canyon West Rim.

The bulk of the Grand Canyon West Rim (seen behind us) belongs to the US National Park, while the opposing side is part of the Hualapai Indian Reservation.

Realme 3 Grand Canyon selfies 02

It was CRAZY HOT and really bright at the Grand Canyon that day, but thanks to its Auto HDR capability, this selfie taken at Guano Point turned out much better than I expected!

Realme 3 Grand Canyon selfies 03

Since it was so bright, I expected harsh shadows on our faces, and a terribly blown-out background. Yet, the shadows were surprisingly soft, and you can clearly see the Grand Canyon in the back, and even the clouds and the blue sky!


Realme 3 Selfie Samples From Las Vegas

It’s been years since my last visit to Las Vegas, and while much has remained the same, a lot has changed!

Here is the venerable Las Vegas landmark – the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas signboard!

While it has not changed, it has been upgraded with a special parking lot built into the median, so tourists can park and not get hit by traffic on both sides of the Las Vegas Boulevard! 😅

Realme 3 Las Vegas selfies 01

I then spent three days at Dell Technologies World 2019, where I met really nice people like Stephanie Silva from McLaren…

Realme 3 Las Vegas selfie with Stephanie Silva of McLaren

And Ben Driscoll and Kendall Peters, who ran the always-busy Press and Analyst Room!

Realme 3 Las Vegas selfie with Ben Driscoll and Kendall Peters

We also had the opportunity to meet and take selfies with the incredibly funny and entertaining Penn & Teller!

Realme 3 Las Vegas selfie with Teller Realme 3 Las Vegas selfie with Penn Jillette

These guys are AWESOME! If you can only catch one magic show in Las Vegas, you MUST catch Penn & Teller.

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