The Realme Selfie Guide + Showcase Of US West Coast!

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Realme smartphones are not known for the selfies, which is a shame. We took the Realme 3 on a trip across the US West Coast, and here is our Realme selfie guide and showcase!

Find out what settings you should use on Realme smartphones, and check out the selfies we took from the Grand Canyon to Las Vegas, San Francisco and Los Angeles!

The Realme Selfie Guide + Showcase Of US West Coast!

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The Realme 3 Selfie Camera

The Realme 3 selfie camera has a higher-resolution 13 MP sensor with a brighter f/2.0 lens. The Realme 2, you may recall, has an 8 MP front camera with f/2.2 lens.

Its f/2.0 aperture puts its front camera on par with many flagship-class smartphones like the HUAWEI Mate 20, the Samsung Galaxy A9 2018, the HONOR 20, and the OPPO R17 Pro.

Realme 3 front camera

Its higher-end brother, the Realme 3 Pro, also has a front camera with a wide f/2.0 aperture. The only difference is it has a higher-resolution 25 MP sensor, instead of a 13 MP sensor.


The Realme Selfie Camera Guide

We highly recommend that you enable these settings before you start shooting – Location, Flip Selfie, and Auto HDR. These are the common settings you find in other Realme smartphones, like the Realme 2 Pro and the Realme 3 Pro.

Realme 3 front camera settings 01


While travelling in the US, we do not always have time to note the exact location (building, street address, etc.) where we take these photos.

Enabling Location lets the Realme 3 add the GPS coordinates to every photo, so you can always look up the location when you get back.

Realme 3 San Francisco selfies 01 GPS

Flip Selfie

We highly recommend turning on the Flip Selfie option, which basically gives you a mirror image of the selfie. This is important because it makes sure any text in the background will be readable.

This was not enabled by default, which led to some of our selfies not turning out right. Make sure you enable this option before you start taking your selfies!

Realme 3 Las Vegas Flip Selfie

Auto HDR

Selfies are often impromptu… spontaneous… There’s very little time to set-up a selfie, unless you’re an influencer and you would have a buddy or two, with LED lighting, etc (you get the idea).

This is why you should make sure Auto HDR is enabled. It lets the Realme 3 automatically decide when is the best time to take HDR shots (combining multiple shots with different exposures).

HDR will bring out the details in both dark and overexposed areas of a photo, while increasing the picture’s dynamic range. Take a look at this example :

Realme 3 Grand Canyon selfies 04

Without Auto HDR, both faces in this selfie shot would be too dark because of the overly bright background.

It may not be obvious in the picture above, but it was CRAZY HOT and BRIGHT at the Grand Canyon when I took that photo in the shade. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out!

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Realme Smartphone Price + Availability

These are the latest Realme smartphones that are currently available for sale :

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