The Realme Nightscape Guide For Awesome Night Shots!

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Realme 3 Nightscape Comparison Photo Samples (Part 1)


Realme 3 Nightscape Comparison Photo Samples (Part 1)

We took the Realme 3 to Las Vegas for a photography session. Here is a comparison of various scenes with and without Nightscape mode.

You should see better results with the Realme 3 Pro, which supports multi-frame recording and processing in RAW.

Treasure Island

Now, do remember that this is Las Vegas, so it’s pretty much brightly-lit at night. But that doesn’t mean it is an easy night shot, because the brighter lights can and do throw off the camera, causing it to underexpose the photo.

Take this example of Treasure Island. The bright LED billboard literally fooled the camera into thinking its very bright, and so the photo came out underexposed.

Realme 3 Nightscape Las Vegas comparison

But turning on Nightscape captures a multitude of photos over 3 seconds, so the camera won’t get fooled by a single take.

The result – a well-exposed photo where the bright billboard is not overly-exposed, and yet you can see details of the much darker hotel building.

The Mirage Volcano

The Mirage Volcano was also a difficult shot. The volcano was lit by lights in the water, which cast deep shadows at the top.

It also made the background much darker in comparison. In fact, the trees behind the volcano appeared pitch black, while the tree on the upper right corner was cloaked in darkness.

Realme 3 Nightscape Las Vegas comparison

When we took the same shot with Nightscape mode, you can now see details of the volcano top that was earlier hidden in the shadows.

You can also see the colour and details of the trees in the background. And not only can you clearly see the tree on the upper right corner, you can even see that there is another tree next to it!

The Venetian

There is lots of bright lights in this sample of The Venetian. But there are also lots of areas that appear significantly darker in comparison.

Turning on Nightscape not only brought out those darker areas, the brighter areas had a more natural, warmer look. It was essentially creating a HDR image, with greater dynamic range.

Realme 3 Nightscape Las Vegas comparison

Of course, your results will vary depending on the lighting conditions. In this example, the differences are less significant.

Realme 3 Nightscape Las Vegas comparison

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