Realme GT Faces Ban After Cheating In AnTuTu Benchmark!

The Realme GT faces a possible permanent ban after it was caught cheating in the AnTuTu Benchmark!

Find out what’s going on, and what it means to you – potential Realme customers!


Benchmark Cheating : Why Do It?

The smartphone industry is a cut-throat business, with brands fighting to differentiate their smartphones from their competitors. One of the ways is to demonstrate a clear performance advantage.

Other than the usual ways – using more powerful processor and graphics cores – brands can tune their operating system to focus more on performance, at the expense of battery life.

However, when they use the same mobile platform, a desperate brand may resort to cheating to gain an edge over their rivals.

AnTuTu is accusing Realme of doing just that with their flagship Realme GT smartphone.


Realme GT Caught Cheating In AnTuTu Benchmark?

On 15 March 2021, AnTuTu posted their Weibo expose on how the Realme GT cheated at their benchmark. For your convenience, we are reposting it at the end of this article with our English translation.

AnTuTu first became suspicious when Realme declared an AnTuTu Benchmark result of over 770,000 for their Realme GT smartphone before it launched.

When Realme did not respond to their questions, AnTuTu purchased a unit of the Realme GT to test it for themselves.

After analysing the performance of their unit, they discovered that the Realme GT implemented two cheats :

Thread Delay In CPU Multi-Thread Test

The Realme GT was allegedly designed to intercept the threads from the CPU Multi-Thread test, to schedule them to run on the fast cores as much as possible.

This falsely inflates its score by using the fast cores to process the threads, instead of testing the processor’s true multi-core capability in handling multiple threads concurrently.

Mosaic Colour Block Modification In UX Test

AnTuTu discovered that the Realme GT modified the reference JPG image with mosaic colour blocks.

By replacing the details in the original picture with blocking mosaics, the JPG decoding speed can be greatly inflated.


Realme GT Threatened With Permanent Ban

After announcing their results, AnTuTu announced that they removed all Realme GT scores for 3 months.

They also warned that if Realme does not remove the cheats within 3 months, they will ban Realme GT permanently.

AnTuTu also shared that their upcoming V9 benchmark will feature improved anti-cheating features, and even trigger penalties like score deductions.


Realme : AnTuTu Scores Real, Will No Longer Using AnTuTu?

Realme CMO Xu Qi Chase quickly shot back a response to AnTuTu’s expose.

If we understand this correctly, he is insisting that the Realme GT scores are accurate, and announcing that Realme will no longer use the AnTuTu Benchmark results for future Realme smartphones.


What Does Realme GT Cheating Mean For Potential Customers?

If AnTuTu allegations are true, this is a serious blow to Realme’s credibility.

It became a fast-rising brand by borrowing the Xiaomi model of offering a ton of features at very low prices.

The fact that Realme has a flagship smartphone powered by the latest Snapdragon 888 SoC should be a testament to how far it came, so quickly.

Yet it appears that they would go way beyond aggressive pricing and other usual tactics to win market share.

Potential customers (and other benchmark developers) will now wonder – if the Realme GT was caught cheating in AnTuTu, could it also be cheating in other benchmarks?

Even worse – what other Realme smartphones employ such tactics to obtain higher than normal scores? This will be a real PR headache.

We should point out though that benchmark cheating is not limited to smartphone brands. Even MediaTek was caught cheating in 8 of their chipsets, involving more than 50 smartphones from Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and yes, Realme too.

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AnTuTu Expose Of Realme GT Cheating

Here was what AnTuTu posted in their Weibo post, with our English translation below :










Before the realme GT went on the market, the official announcement of the Antutu test results of more than 760,000. We questioned this, but so far we have not received a specific response from realme.

At that time, we also promised that we will purchase this model to test after the Realme GT launched. Today’s removal instructions were made after we purchased the mass production device and actually tested it.

The Realme GT we bought was purchased on the Huantai Mall on the day of its debut on March 10th, and its storage configuration is 12+256GB.

After many tests, this realme GT scored about 750,000 points in the AnTuTu V8 version, and it has reached a very good level among the models currently on sale with the Snapdragon 888 platform. But according to the data analysis we conducted during the testing process, we found that this is not a manifestation of true strength, but obtained through cheating and other means.

Through our verification, Realme GT used thread delays in the CPU multi-thread test. Through the system interception of threads, some threads of the multi-thread test are scheduled to run on large cores as much as possible, resulting in higher test results.

This approach has deviated from the original intention of the AnTuTu test. The multi-threaded test examines the multi-threaded concurrent processor multi-core performance, not to examine the performance of the large core during continuous running tests.

In addition, in the JPG decoding project of the UX test, we found that the decoded pictures of the Antutu test were modified during the real GT running, and a lot of mosaics appeared. Using mosaic color blocks to replace the original picture details can significantly reduce the quality of the picture, and thus the decoding speed will be faster, so it has a higher score. But doing so obviously violates the purpose of the picture decoding test.

To sum up, AnTuTu decided to remove the realme GT’s running scores for three months. If realme can modify the two behaviours, it will be included in the relevant list again in three months. If it refuses to modify it, it will. be banned permanently.

In the upcoming V9 version, AnTuTu will further optimize the anti-cheating program. For example, cheating will trigger some penalties such as deductions.


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