realme Caught Faking narzo 50 Gameplay During Launch?!

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Was realme caught faking their new narzo 50 smartphone’s gaming capabilities during the official launch event?!

Take a look at the video, and see if you spot the mistake they made!


realme Caught Faking narzo 50 Gameplay During Launch?!

The realme narzo 50 launch in India on 24 February 2022 involved a series of challenges to showcase its superiority over other smartphones.

To make the challenges look genuine, they had an e-sports streamer, Assassin Army, face off against realme India’s digital marketing officer, Rahul Kumar.

Unfortunately, a glitch in the Matrix derailed their plans, and revealed that they were apparently faking the narzo 50’s gameplay. See if you can spot the mistake they made in the video…

The “glitch” happened in Round 2, where both Assassin Army and Rahul Kumar had to try to “snipe” at each other in Garena Free Fire, without using a scope.

Assassin Army won this round, by being the first to shoot Rahul because “the display is so smooth and lag free that I got [it] in my first try!

Rahul agreed, and explained that the “120 Hz refresh rate definitely would have helped“, because it is “double of what you get in a normal smartphone“.

The trouble is – just before Assassin Army cried out in victory, he appeared to accidentally trigger the Gallery app, showing that it was a pre-recorded video.

You can see that he triggered it at around 1:06 minute of the 11:55 minute long pre-recorded video. You can also see the Gallery app’s Pause, Share and Edit icons, as well as the navigation bar at the top.

realme Caught Faking narzo 50 Gameplay!

If you look carefully at the lower left corner of the video, you can also see that they pre-recorded the session almost 2 weeks earlier – on 12 February 2022.

You would have thought that someone at realme would have noticed the mistake, and reshoot that segment. But fortunately for us, they missed it. Otherwise, we might never have realised that the gameplay was faked!

It’s hard to understand why realme would bother faking the narzo 50’s gameplay, since the whole event was scripted and pre-recorded. They could have recorded the actual gameplay, and edited the video.

Besides, the narzo 50 is a cheap mid-range smartphone that only costs Rs 12,999, which is roughly US$173 / £129 / A$240 / S$234 / RM 729. No one would mistake it for a “killer gaming smartphone”.


Before narzo 50, It Was The narzo 30A…

This isn’t the first time realme was caught faking a demo. Some of you may recall the narzo 30A scandal.

Less than a year ago, realme apparently used an Apple iPhone for their gaming demonstration during the official narzo 30A launch in Bangladesh!

And that came just days after they were exposed for cheating in AnTuTu Benchmark, which realme claimed was “a bug” at that time.

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Realme Caught Using iPhone To Demo narzo 30A Gaming?


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