Realme Chroma Boost Guide + Showcase Of US West Coast!

One of the new photography features of the Realme 3 and Realme 3 Pro smartphones is Chroma Boost – an advanced HDR photography feature!

Find out what Chroma Boost does, and how you can use it to take better photos.

We will also share with you the many Chroma Boost photos we took across the US West Coast!


Realme Chroma Boost Primer

Realme introduced two new photography features in their Realme 3 and Realme 3 Pro smartphones – a Nightscape mode, and Chroma Boost.

Chroma Boost is an advanced HDR feature that goes beyond HDR, which involves taking and combining multiple photos with different exposures.

On top of increasing the photo’s dynamic range, it will also correct and boost colour, while keeping control of noise.


Turning On Chroma Boost

Chroma Boost is so important that Realme made it the second icon at the top of the Camera app.

  1. To turn it on, just open the camera app, and tap on the second icon at the top.
  2. The Chroma Boost Is ON message will appear, and the Chroma Boost icon will appear in colour.

Until you turn it off, every photo your Realme 3 / Realme 3 Pro takes from now on will use Chroma Boost.


Turning Off Chroma Boost

  1. To turn it off, just open the camera app, and tap on the second icon at the top.
  2. The Chroma Boost Is OFF message will appear, and the Chroma Boost icon will turn black and show grey mountains.


When To Use Chroma Boost

Chroma Boost takes a considerable amount of time to take and process each shot – about 3 to 5 seconds.

So it is best used for planned shots of subjects that are not moving much. In fact, that’s the reason why it is turned off by default.

For most candid shots, or occasions where you want to take multiple shots quickly, you will probably want to disable Chroma Boost.

In the next part, we will show you the kind of shots Chroma Boost can deliver with our showcase of the Realme 3 in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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Chroma Boost Sample Of Pier 39

This is the famous dock at the end of Pier 39, home to a number of California sea lions. It’s dusk – a really tricky time where the light isn’t great, but it’s not quite the time for using the Nightscape mode.

Surprisingly, it turned out much brighter than in real life, without getting washed out. You can see the sea lions in the foreground, as well as the bright lights of downtown San Francisco at the back.


Chroma Boost Samples Of Lombard Street

No tourist worth his or her name will visit San Francisco without going to the winding Lombard Street, even though it is really NOT the most crooked street in San Francisco.

That title really belongs to Vermont Street, near South of Market, although Lombard Street is definitely more picturesque. Plus, the Powell-Hyde cable car stops at the top!

As it so happened, we were there when the Zoox team decided to test their autonomous vehicle going down Lombard Street!

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